Tailbone-Coccyx Fractures and Dislocations, Last Chapter in New Medical Textbook

New Book Chapter on Coccyx Fractures and Tailbone Dislocations, Last Chapter in New Medical Textbook In this video, Dr. Foye discusses the chapter he wrote on Tailbone Fractures and Coccyx Dislocations. This is the very last chapter in a recently published medical textbook. Patrick Foye, M.D., is director of the Coccyx Pain Center at Rutgers […]

El Faro Shipwreck with Tailbone Pain Book

Since publishing my book Tailbone Pain Relief Now! I have been very grateful for the positive feedback that I have received from around the world.

Readers have sent me emails and Facebook posts from Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia, and the United States and Canada.

The most intriguing e-mail I received was from Puerto Rico… Overall, […]

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