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Flu Vaccines Save Lives, Get Yours… It’s not too late in the season to get your Flu Vaccine. Vaccines are one of the most life-saving aspects of all of modern medicine. Get your flu vaccine to protect yourself and those you love or care for. Talk to your doctor for details.

Patrick Foye MD […]

Is the Spinal CORD Located at the Coccyx?

Patients sometimes ask me whether the “spinal cord” is located at their coccyx.

It’s a reasonable question, since the spinal cord does extend through most of the human spine.

What is the Spinal Cord? The spinal cord is a dense, relatively tightly packed collection of nerves. The spinal cord is almost like a big, thick […]

Social Media for Public Medical Education

To “Doctor” means “To Teach.” The word “Doctor” comes from the Latin word docēre [dɔˈkeːrɛ] ‘to teach‘. So, a Doctor is a Teacher. Doctors teach patients about the health and about their medical conditions and treatment options. A patient who is well-informed about their condition can make better decisions about their healthcare. There are many […]

4 Free Chapters from the book, Tailbone Pain Relief Now!

Now available: 4 Free Chapters, from Dr. Foye’s internationally acclaimed book, Tailbone Pain Relief Now! Right now on Amazon you can get the first 4 chapters of this book for FREE. Chapter 1: Introduction to Tailbone Pain Chapter 2: Symptoms of Tailbone Pain Chapter 3: Overcoming Stigma: Psychology of Tailbone Pain Chapter 4: Anatomy of […]

Unboxing: Tailbone Pain as Published in PM&R Clinics of North America

Unboxing a New Publication on Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain, Pelvic Pain Publishing is an important part of any career in Academic Medicine. Publishing is how we share our research, our clinical pearls, our experience and expertise. Publishing makes all of this available to other clinicians, physicians, researchers, and others who may be interested worldwide, for […]

3-D, 3-dimensional CT scan for Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain

Medical imaging studies for Tailbone Pain Medical imaging studies can be very helpful in making an accurate diagnosis in patients with coccyx pain (also called coccydynia, or tailbone pain). The most common medical imaging studies for tailbone pain include: X-rays: especially “sitting-versus-standing” x-rays to look for “dynamic instability” ( unstable joints of the coccyx). MRI: […]

Randy Foye, Patrick Foye, Newark, New Jersey

Randy Foye, Doctor Foye, Newark, NJ

Despite my 21 years in medical practice in #Newark, props still go to #RandyFoye as Newark, NJ’s more famous Foye!





Rutgers Article on Dr Patrick Foye and his Tailbone Pain Center

Below is an article published by Rutgers University regarding Patrick Foye, M.D., and his Tailbone Pain Center.

The original article is posted here: http://news.rutgers.edu/news/rutgers-professor-focuses-medical-practice-part-body-gets-little-respect-%E2%80%93-coccyx/20160120#.WYEY71EpASK Here is the non-formatted text: Rutgers Professor Focuses Medical Practice on a Part of the Body that Gets Little Respect – the Coccyx New Jersey Medical School’s Patrick M. […]

MRI of Pilonidal Cyst causing Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain

What is a Pilonidal Cyst? A pilonidal cyst is a collection of fluid and tissue, which can cause pain in the area of the sacrum and coccyx (tailbone). I recently published an online article and video discussing the symptoms and physical exam findings of Pilonidal Cyst. You can see that previous article and previous video […]

Is a PILONIDAL CYST Causing Your Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain?

Sometimes, Coccyx Pain (Tailbone Pain) can be Caused by a Pilonidal Cyst… A “cyst” is a collection of fluid. Think of it being like a tiny water balloon. A pilonidal cyst is a particular type of cyst that contains not only fluid but also hair and other debris. The most common location for a pilonidal […]

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