No Surgical Hardware for Tailbone Pain

Sometimes patients ask me whether tailbone pain (coccyx pain) can be treated by placing surgical hardware into or onto the tailbone to stabilize any instability of the tailbone.

At first consideration, this is a reasonable thought.

Firstly, unstable joints of the tailbone are one of the most common causes of tailbone pain (and this diagnosis […]

Colonoscopy Causing Tailbone Pain (Coccyx Pain)

Colonoscopy is a medical procedure where a flexible tube is inserted into the anus and colon.

A camera on the front tip of the tubing allows the doctor to see the inside of your colon, within the large intestines.

Colonoscopy is generally considered to be a safe way of detecting abnormalities such as colon cancers.


What Type of Doctor treats Tailbone Pain?

People with tailbone pain (coccyx pain) sometimes wonder…

What type of doctor treats tailbone pain?

The answer probably depends on where you are within your spectrum of treatment… For patients with mild pain of recent onset, probably the primary physician can handle this adequately by recommending a cushion and pain medications by mouth. For patients […]

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy and Tailbone Pain

As a rehab medicine physician, let me start by saying that in general… I am a big fan and a big advocate for physical therapy as a non-surgical approach to many musculoskeletal/pain disorders. For pelvic floor pain and dysfunction, there are a growing number of physical therapists who specialize in treating pelvic floor pain. […]

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