FREE Book offer extended. Act now!

New Book: Tailbone Pain Relief Now! Still FREE, for now, in the United States. LIMITED time only. I am thrilled that hundreds of people worldwide took advantage of the FREE BOOK launch last week, just paying for shipping/handling. For anyone who missed out on the FREE BOOK, this FREE offer is being extended this week […]

List of Book Chapters in Tailbone Pain Relief Now!

You may wonder what topics I’ve covered in the 31 chapters of my new book, “Tailbone Pain Relief Now! Causes and Treatments for Your Sore or Injured Coccyx.” It may seem like a lot to have written 272 pages just about the coccyx.

So here is a list of the sections and chapters.


Chapter […]

FREE book: Tailbone Pain Relief Now!

FREE book: Tailbone Pain Relief Now! Click below to get it now.

My book publishing team thinks I’m crazy! I’ve worked well over 1,000 hours creating this book over the past 1.5 years. It’s 272 pages, 31 chapters, all about coccyx pain causes and treatments. Written for patients.

So they think I’m crazy to launch […]

Tailbone X-rays: Coned-in View for Coccyx Pain

It can be challenging to get to the correct x-rays done in the medical testing for someone with tailbone pain (coccyx pain).

Unfortunately, it is VERY common that the x-rays fail to focus on the area of pain (the coccyx). Unfortunately, the tailbone x-rays include LOTS of other nearby anatomic regions, such as: the thigh […]

Do Tarlov Cysts cause Pain?

What is a sacral Tarlov cyst? A cyst is basically a bag of fluid. A cyst is like a water balloon. Sometimes at the sacral spine (the large bone at the back of the pelvis) there is a fluid collection known as a sacral Tarlov cyst. I explain sacral Tarlov cysts by comparing the sacral […]

3 Different Injections for Tailbone Pain

Multiple different types of injections are done to decrease tailbone pain.

3 of the most common types of tailbone injections: Steroid injection: a steroid is an anti-inflammatory medication that can be placed at a site of inflammation, to decrease the inflammation and pain at that location. Sympathetic nerve block: Sometimes in addition to the musculoskeletal […]

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