Tailbone wounds that will not heal

When there is skin breakdown of ulceration of the skin over the coccyx, it is worth looking for a cause. Sometimes people develop a bed-sore of the skin behind the sacrum and coccyx after spending too much time laying in bed. (The medical term for a bedsore is a “decubitus ulcer”.) Usually, a bedsore […]

Tailbone MRI: T1 vs T2 / STIR images on coccyx MRI

MRI studies of the tailbone show lots of details of the anatomy of the coccyx region.

But the doctor needs to know which images to look at for the different types of details that can be seen.

T-1 images are best for looking at bony structures like the actual bones of the tailbone (coccyx). T-2 […]

Painful Sex after Coccygectomy for Tailbone Pain?

After coccygectomy (surgical removal of the tailbone) as a treatment for tailbone pain (coccyx pain), should patients worry about whether sex will be painful? I don’t know any published research on this one way or the other, but for patients I have treated after they have had coccygectomy, I don’t recall many that have reported […]

Tailbone Pain while Sitting on a Hard versus Soft Surface

The best and worst of sitting surfaces varies from person to person with tailbone pain. Many people find a hard surface to be better because then they can sit on the other to sit bones (the ischial bones, or ischial tuberosities, which is the bony spot at the bottom of each buttock cheek), and […]

Tailbone Fractures take a Long Time to Heal

A tailbone fracture (“a broken coccyx”) takes longer to heal than fractures at most other body regions.

There are multiple reasons for this:

Unlike fractures at many other body regions, there is no cast, splint, or brace that can be put on a fractured tailbone. Alike fractures at many other body regions, there is no […]

Medical Marijuana for Tailbone Pain (Coccyx Pain)?

Some patients ask whether medical marijuana can be used to decreased tailbone pain (Coccyx pain, coccydynia).

Is marijuana legal in your state? Can you use it for tailbone pain? Whether or not marijuana is considered legal depends on the state and/or country that you live in. Overall, compared with the last 60 years or so, […]

Was the Tailbone even included in the Tailbone Imaging studies?

For people with Tailbone Pain, the x-rays/MRI/CT-scans often FAIL to even include the Tailbone, even though that is the source of the person’s pain Many patients experience frustration with finding out that their local radiologists/doctors did not even include the tailbone in their imaging studies. As crazy as that is, unfortunately I see this essentially […]

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