Pelvic Pain Lecture by Stephanie Stamas, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist in NYC

I attended a fantastic lecture on Pelvic Pain this week in NYC by pelvic floor physical therapist Stephanie Stamas, PT, DPT, at Beyond Basics Physical Therapy in NYC.

They have upcoming lectures on related topics over the next few weeks.

I definitely recommend attending these if you are in the NYC area and interested in […]

Infection Rates after Coccygectomy, per Published Medical Research

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Foye’s book, Tailbone Pain Relief Now!

Chapter 25: Coccygectomy: Surgical Removal of the Tailbone. Page 197:

“Published research by Dr. Wood (at Harvard Medical School) documented that after coccygectomy as high as 35 percent of patients have postoperative complications including wound problems (infection or persistent drainage). Meanwhile, Dr. […]

Tailbone Pott's Disease: Coccyx Tuberculosis

What is Pott’s disease, or Pott disease? Pott’s disease is a condition where tuberculosis infection occurs within the spinal vertebral bones. “Pott’s disease” is also called “Pott disease.” Tuberculosis is commonly called “TB.” Tuberculosis infection usually involves the lungs. Pott’s disease is different because the infection is within the vertebral bones of the spine. Which […]

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