Free Book on Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain, Coccydynia, November 14-15, 2020

In recognition of the 3rd Annual“Tailbone Pain Awareness Day” which will be November 15, 2020…

This eBook is Free on Amazon worldwide: Nov. 14-15, 2020, Pacific Time.

“Tailbone Pain Relief Now! Causes and Treatments for Your Sore or Injured Coccyx” by Patrick M. Foye, M.D., Director of the Coccyx Pain Center at Rutgers New Jersey […]

Facebook Live for Tailbone Pain Awareness Day, November 15, 2020

What: Get live answers to your questions about coccyx pain. Why: In honor of “Tailbone Pain Awareness Day” 2020. When: Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020, at 11:00 AM, eastern time. Who: Questions answered by Patrick Foye, M.D., Director of the Tailbone Pain Center, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Where: To Join: On Facebook, go to Tailbone […]

Tailbone Pain Center is OPEN for Telemedicine visits and In-Person Care for Coccyx Pain

The Tailbone Pain Center is OPEN for both Telemedicine visits and In-Person Care for coccyx pain.

During the coronavirus pandemic, we remain dedicated to helping provide answers and relief for people suffering with tailbone pain.

Prior to in-person evaluation and treatment, you will first receive a convenient Telemedicine visit with Dr. Foye so that he […]

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