Patient Testimonials

Testimonials from Patients with TAILBONE PAIN (Coccyx Pain)

Eventually, Dr. Foye’s patients with tailbone pain may be able to post their testimonials directly onto this web site.

Meanwhile, below are some links to a couple of the patient testimonials that have been posted on other websites. In respect for patient confidentiality, nothing is included in the summaries below that the patients themselves have not already posted publicly online at the links shown.

1) This testimonial is from a patient who found that his coccyx fracture (fractured tailbonebroken tailbone) was far more painful and problematic than the fractures in his neck (cervical spine) and various other injuries. His regular doctor told him (incorrectly) that there was nothing that could be done for coccyx pain. Eventually, the patient found Dr. Foye on the Internet and made the trip to New Jersey for evaluation and treatment. A few injections decreased the tailbone pain to 30-40% of the severity that it was at before the injections. (Thus, 60-70% relief was achieved.) The patient reports that the trip to New Jersey to be very much worthwhile. Here is the testimonial that he has posted online:

2) This next testimonial is from a patient who tried many different treatments and specialists for his coccyx pain before eventually finding Dr. Foye. The patient’s orthopedic surgeon told him that there was nothing that could be done. The patient also saw some chiropractors, physical therapists, an acupuncturist, massage therapists, and tried internal manipulation of the coccyx, four seat cushions and two new ergonomic (Aeron) chairs. Finally, he found Dr. Foye via a website, and made the trip to Dr. Foye’s office. After a few injections, the tailbone pain went from a “10” severity prior to injection all the way down to a “zero.” Here is the testimonial that he has posted online:

3) Various patients fly into New Jersey to see Dr. Foye for their coccyx pain. This next testimonial is from one such patient, i.e. she made the trip by airplane. She flew into Newark Airport, which is only about 15 minutes from Dr. Foye’s office. Dr. Foye and his office staff coordinated her medical appointments (seeing Dr. Foye and having some special x-rays of the coccyx) to work around her flight times, since she was only in NJ for less than two days, specifically to see Dr. Foye. She found that a single injection (under fluoroscopic guidance) gave her immediate relief of all of her coccyx pain (the first time being pain-free in two years). Even after the local anesthetic [numbing medicine] wore off, her pain was MUCH less than it was before the injection. [Dr. Foye refers to this as “resetting the thermostat” of coccyx pain.] Specifically, her pain had been a “10” out of 10 severity before the injection and with one injection the tailbone pain had settled down at a “4” out of 10 severity. The next day she had the injection repeated before catching her flight home, and this time the result was that the tailbone pain went down to an even lower baseline of “1-2” severity (now having “little or no pain” with sitting nor with standing up). Here is the testimonial that she posted online: 

4) This one is from a patient who came from New York City (Manhattan). She stated that, “Dr. Foye, a physiatrist, has been great to work with – caring, patient and thorough. He and his medical resident did an incredibly comprehensive initial examination that lasted nearly an hour, and he has been readily accessible by both email and phone with any and all questions I’ve had, providing detailed answers and suggestions.” Here is the testimonial that she posted online:


5) This patient with Tailbone Pain reported 90% relief of his tailbone pain within just two weeks, by receiving an evaluation and a single injection by Dr. Foye.  The patient wrote: “I have never seen such follow-up from any other doctor ever.”  Here is the testimonial that he posted online:


6) Here’s a testimonial from a patient whose tailbone pain was impairing his ability to sit, exercise, or even sleep. After receiving an evaluation and an injection by Dr. Foye, he reported the following feedback about his response: “It is amazing. I am truly grateful to Dr. Foye and his expert staff for healing me. If you suffer from tailbone pain, make an effort to see Dr. Foye. He changed my life and I am very, very grateful to him and his team for treating me.  Here is the testimonial that he posted online:



7) Here’s another: “I was in pain with coccydinia for over a year. After a number of doctors, scans, and treatments I resigned myself to living with an unbearable pain causing me to do my work lying down.
After one visit to Dr. Foye and a steroid injection delivered under the guidance of a fluoroscope, I was pain free. I don’t want to jinx this, but it’s been 2 months and I am still totally pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Foye and this procedure.”  Here is the testimonial he posted online:



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