Radio Show on Coccyx Pain

Radio Shows on Tailbone Pain (coccyx pain)
Multiple radio shows have interviewed Dr. Foye on the topic of tailbone pain (coccyx pain).Some of the recordings from these radio interviews are available for free on the internet.

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Tailbone pain (coccyx pain) radio interview with Dr. Foye.
Bob Mann (left) interviewed Dr. Patrick Foye, MD, on the topic of coccyx pain (tailbone pain).

Dr. Foye was recently interviewed on WFDU radio for a show called “HealthLink Radio”, which you can listen to for free online, below.

HealthLink Radio is a weekly radio show that educates the public on various medical topics,sponsored by The University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey.

The show recently dedicated an entire 30-minute show to the topic of coccyx pain (tailbone pain). Bob Mann interviewed Dr. Foye for the entire 30 minutes, as an expert on this topic.

The show has already aired on WFDU at 89.1 FM, in the New Jersey and New York area.
But even though you may have missed hearing it on-the-air, you can still hear it just by listening online by clicking below.

Click the Links to Hear Radio Interviews on Tailbone Pain
To Listen for Free on the Internet:

  • Look below for a free digital recording of the show, available for download.
  • Download the 30-minute interview to your desktop computer or to your iPod!
  • Share the recording with anyone you know suffering from coccydynia (coccyx pain).

This is a 30-minute interview, but it typically takes only a minute or so to download it.
Click on the Link Below to Download the Radio Interview on Tailbone Pain.

Click on the icon or text to the right to listen to the 30-minute radio interview on tailbone pain.Out of all the “tailbone pain” radio interviews available online, this one is the place to start. Media
Tailbone Pain (Coccyx Pain): Radio Interview with Dr. Foye

Click below for yet another Radio Interview on Tailbone Pain

Dr. Foye has also been interviewed on “The Gloria Rose Show”, also called “Here’s to Your Good Health.”This radio show focuses on health and medical topics.

The radio station dedicated two full shows (1-hour each) to interviewing Dr. Foye on the topic of tailbone pain and low back pain.

These radio interviews have already aired live, on WMTR, 1250 AM in the New York, New Jersey area.  But for those who missed hearing it live, a recording from one of the shows is available online, below.

If you have already listened to the 30-minute radio interview above and you still want to hear another, different (and longer) radio interview specifically on the topic of tailbone pain:Then click the link at the right, to hear Dr. Foye on the Gloria Rose Show.
[Check back soon, the link is being installed…]

Click on the icon or text to the right to listen to the 30-minute radio interview on Low Back Pain due to things OTHER than tailbone pain. This include Dr. Foye answering questions about disc pain, sciatica, facet pain, and sacroiliac pain. Media
Low Back Pain: Disc, Sciatica, Facets, Sacroiliac

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