Insurance Accepted


  • Dr. Foye’s office accepts most insurance plans, even in cases where his office is not “In-Network” with your insurance plan.
  • No problem. Just check with Dr. Foye’s office (973-972-2802) before your visit and they will handle for you any necessary insurance pre-authorizations.

Some insurance plans require a referral (consult request) from the primary care physician (your primary doctor) or other treating doctor. If so that you can obtain the necessary paperwork prior to your visit.

After the consult by Dr. Foye, you may also need additional, separate authorization for treatment to actually begin, depending on your insurance.

Again, just check with Dr. Foye’s office staff. That way you can get the most out of your visit and avoid unnecessary delays in treatment.

More Details About Insurance:
My general preference as a treating physician is to focus mainly just on the medical care, rather than insurance issues. But I do understand the realities of patients needing some guidance on these issues. This is especially important for patients who are flying in or driving in from out-of-state to be seen here for coccyx pain, since we want to be sure that you get the most out of your long trip to get here.

BEFORE you come to my office, my office staff can look into whether your insurance company requires pre-authorization for the injections that I find most commonly help relieve coccyx pain (e.g., ganglion Impar injections, etc.).

Some insurance companies do NOT require pre-authorization, in which case we do not have to face the delay of waiting for the authorization. The authorization almost always comes through eventually, but it is a matter of waiting for it. Often, patients fly in from out-of-state and if their insurance company does NOT require pre-authorization, then if my consultation (office visit) reveals that the patient is a good candidate for injection, then we often move ahead with performing the injection later that same day (when the fluoroscopy room is available), without having the delay of waiting for a reply from the insurance company.

Some insurance companies DO require authorization in advance (pre-authorization), in which case they usually want to see my consultation report. But it is theoretically possible that my office staff could request the authorization from your insurance company even before you come to the office, and if it is granted then that is one less thing to delay care once you are here. That approach will not always work, but it is worth a try for patients who are flying in or patients who are driving more than two or three hours each way to get here. Anyway, my office staff can check with your insurance company and see what steps we would need to take.

Just send in (Fax or mail to Dr. Foye’s office) your forms/paperwork, and gather together your insurance information (insurance card, etc.) and then call Dr. Foye’s office staff (973-972-2802) and explain that you want them to find out whether or not your insurance company requires preauthorization for coccyx injections (in addition to the authorization for the office visit).

Again, just call my office staff and they can look into it.

 Even if you have a particular insurance plan that may be “Out-Of-Network” with our office, our staff routinely work with these insurance companies to allow their patients to be treated here. Often this can be done even if you do not have out-of-network benefits. The office staff here are very experienced at taking care of this in advance of your visit, so that they can share that information with you prior to your trip here. Just send in your paperwork and the office staff here will check it out for you and then they will let you know. Click the icon below (on this page) for the paperwork that you need to send in to our office.

Regarding coccyx x-rays done on Dr. Foye’s medical campus: Please check with your insurance company whether “University Hospital” in Newark, N.J. is in-network with your insurance company. If not, then you may pay an out-of-network (out-of-pocket) fee to University Hospital for the sitting-vs-standing x-rays that are done at the start of most initial evaluations to see Dr. Foye for coccyx pain.

For FORMS (paperwork) that patients need to fill out prior to making your appointment with Dr. Foye…

please click on the document below, then PRINT IT and COMPLETE IT and SEND IT IN (Fax it to Dr. Foye’s office, or Mail it).

(Note that initial appointments will be given only AFTER Dr. Foye’s office receives from you the completed form below.)


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