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Coccyx (Tailbone) Images, Xrays, MRI, Photos, etc.

Tailbone pain can be better understood with the right images to demonstrate important points about normal and abnormal appearance of the tailbone. This page is growing. It will include a collection of educational drawings, photos, and other images related to the tailbone (coccyx) and other topics related to tailbone pain (coccyx pain, coccydynia).The plan is to include a whole series of images showing topics such as:

  • Tailbone normal appearance (normal coccyx anatomy: coccygeal bones)
  • Tailbone fractures (fractured coccyx, “broken tailbone”, chipped tailbone, “cracked tailbone”)
  • Tailbone dislocations (dislocated coccyx)
  • Tailbone sprains (sprained coccyx)
  • Tailbone injuries from pregnancy (coccyx injuries from pregnancy, labor and delivery)
  • Other tailbone injuries (other coccyx injuries, injured tailbone )
  • Causes of tailbone pain (causes of a sore tailbone, painful coccyx)
  • Tailbone x-rays (coccyx x-rays)
  • Tailbone MRI (coccyx MRI)
  • Tailbone CT scans (coccyx CT scans)
  • Tailbone injuries from sports (skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, roller skating, football, basketball, etc.).
  • Tailbone cushions (coccyx cushions: wedge cushions, donut cushions, doughnut cushions, other seat cushions, etc.)
  • Tailbone diagrams (coccyx diagrams)
  • Tailbone sketches (coccyx sketches)
  • Tailbone treatments (coccyx treatments)
  • Tailbone injections (coccyx injections)
  • More to come!!  Please check back soon for new images.

Tailbone Coccyx Tailbone Pain
Tailbone (coccyx) circled. This is a view of the pelvis from behind. Note that we “sit” on the tailbone.
The image at the left shows the tailbone (coccyx) circled. This is a view of the pelvis, looking at it from behind.You can see out the tailbone makes contact with the surface that you are sitting on. This can often be very painful for patients with tailbone pain.Photo and Image created by Dr. Foye.

Tailbone Coccyx Tailbone Pain Pelvis Sitting
Tailbone (coccyx), viewing the pelvis from the side.
This is a view of the tailbone (coccyx) when you are looking at the pelvis from the side.You can see that some of the body weight can cause pressure on the tailbone while you are seated. This can be very painful for a person with coccydynia (tailbone pain, coccyx pain).Photo and image created by Dr. Foye.

Tailbone, Coccyx, Muscle attachments, tailbone pain
Many important muscles attach to the tailbone (coccyx)
Many important muscles attach to the tailbone (coccyx).This needs to be kept in mind if surgical removal of the coccyx (coccygectomy) is ever being considered.

These muscles attaching to the tailbone include the following:

  • Gluteus Maximus muscle: This is the largest of the gluteal (buttock) muscles. Very important for standing and walking. In fact, every time you stand up and every time you walk or otherwise contract your Gluteus Maximus muscle, some of the muscle fibers are pulling on the coccyx from the right or left buttock.
  • Levator Ani muscle: This muscle is important for holding in place the anus (where stool, bowel movements exit the body).
  • Sphincter Ani Externis muscle: This is the muscle responsible for the control of the stool (bowel movements). If the function of the anal sphincter muscles are lost, the patient loses control of their bowel movements (the patient develops bowel incontinence).
  • Coccygeus muscle: Together with the Levator Ani muscle, the Coccygeus forms the pelvic diaphragm. These muscles act like a sling or hammock, holding and carrying the organs that are located within the pelvis. If this support function is lost, the patient may develop a “herniation” or “prolapse” (where are the rectum/bowel and other organs from within the pelvis start to sag or drop our way out from the pelvis and down towards the floor).

Image source: “Anatomy of the Human Body” 1918, by Henry Gray.

Descriptive text by Dr. Foye.

The images immediately below are from “Anatomy of the Human Body” 1918, by Henry Gray.
Some slight modifications have been made, to emphasize the tailbone (coccyx).
Tailbone coccyx pain spine
The Tailbone (coccyx) is made up of 3-5 small bones at the lowest end of the spine.
Tailbone coccyx pain
This drawing shows the coccyx from the side.

Tailbone Coccyx in Pelvis
Tailbone (Coccyx) shown within a female pelvis
Image source: “Anatomy of the Human Body” 1918, by Henry Gray.

Tailbone Coccyx pain pelvis
Tailbone (Coccyx) within a female pelvis
Image source: “Anatomy of the Human Body” 1918, by Henry Gray.

Tailbone coccyx pelvis lymphatics
This drawing shows how the inside of the pelvis would look.
You are looking inside at the right half of the pelvis, after the left half of the pelvis has been removed.Image source: “Anatomy of the Human Body” 1918, by Henry Gray.
(Coccyx label added)

Tailbone Coccyx pain
The Tailbone (coccyx) is made up of 3-5 small bones at the lowest end of the spine.

Tailbone coccyx dislocation injury
MRI of the coccyx, showing a sharp angle forward into the pelvis.

tailbone coccyx pain Foye dislocation injury fractured
Tailbone + Doctor =


pelvis, tailbone, coccyx, tailbone pain, female
Cross section view of the inside of a female pelvis. ote that the tailbone (coccyx) angles forwards, heading in towards the rectum and other pelvic organs.

Tailbone MRI (Coccyx MRI)
Tailbone MRI (Coccyx MRI)

Tailbone MRI, Coccyx MRI, tailbone pain, injury
Tailbone MRI (Coccyx MRI) showing deformed coccyx after injury

Tailbone Donut Cushion, Doughnut cushion, tailbone pain, coccyx pain
Tailbone Donut Cushion, Doughnut for coccyx pain

Tailbone Wedge Cushion, coccyx pain, tailbone pain
Tailbone Wedge Cushion, for coccyx pain

Severe Tailbone Dislocation on coccyx X-ray, causing coccyx pain, tailbone pain, coccydynia

Severe Tailbone Dislocation on coccyx X-ray, causing coccyx pain, tailbone pain, coccydynia

Tailbone MRI, Coccyx MRI, Tailbone Pain, injury
Tailbone MRI (Coccyx MRI), in a person with Tailbone Pain. From: and, Patrick Foye, MD

Tailbone MRI, Coccyx MRI, Tailbone Pain, Coccyx injury
Tailbone MRI (Coccyx MRI), in a person with Tailbone Pain. From: and, Patrick Foye, MD.

Tailbone Pain, Fluoroscopy, Injections, Dr Foye
Fluoroscopy helps guide injections for Tailbone Pain.
Tailbone Pain, Patrick Foye, Tailbone, Coccyx, Pain, Doctor
Patrick Foye, M.D., Director of the Tailbone Pain Center
Tailbone Pain, MRI, Xrays, Dr Patrick Foye, MD
Personally reviewing MRI and X-ray images is important for finding the cause of Tailbone Pain.

Tailbone Pain Doctor, Distinguished Clinician Award, Patrick Foye MD
Dr. Foye received the “Distinguished Clinician” national award from the American Academy of PM&R.
Tailbone Pain Doctor, Master Educator Guild, Patrick Foye
Dr. Foye was inducted into the “Master Educator Guild” at UMDNJ, our nation’s largest public health science university.
Tailbone Pain Doctor, Patrick Foye MD
Dr. Foye came to New Jersey Medical School more than 20 years ago, in 1988 for medical school. He has been a full-time faculty member here since 1996.


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