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Dr. Patrick Foye, M.D., is the Founder and Director of the Coccyx Pain Center (Tailbone Pain Center) and author of the book “Tailbone Pain Relief Now!”

Dr. Patrick Foye, M.D. for Tailbone Pain Coccyx Pain Coccydynia
Dr. Patrick Foye, M.D., Professor, and Director, Coccyx Pain Center
Dr. Patrick Foye’s Office and Expertise

  • Dr. Foye is well-known for his expertise in non-surgical treatment a variety of painful conditions of the coccyx (tailbone), back and limbs.
  • His personable, private-practice office is located on a modern, renowned, academic medical school campus.
  • Dr. Foye is the author of the book, “Tailbone Pain Relief Now!
  • Dr. Foye is an Professor of PM&R at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.
  • He has won multiple awards for his teaching abilities, bedside manner, and community service.
  • Dr. Foye has given hundreds of lectures, and publishes extensively within the medical literature.
  • Dr. Foye is the creator and Director of the Coccyx Pain Center at New Jersey Medical School, within Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
  • He is also Director of the Coccyx Pain Center (Tailbone Pain Center) at University Hospital, in Newark, N.J.

Patrick M. Foye, M.D.

  • Director, Coccyx Pain Center (Tailbone Pain Center), Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ, USA
  • Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R)
  • Board Certified: American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)
  • Board Certified: American Board of Independent Medical Examiners, 1999-2004
  • Board Certified: American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine (EMG, Nerve Studies, etc), 1999
  • Board Certified: Pain Medicine (Sub-Specialty Pain Board certification, via the American Board of PM&R and the American Board of Anesthesiology)

Additional Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Responsibilities

  • Co-Director, Outpatient Musculoskeletal Medicine
  • Co-Director, Medical Student Clerkships
  • National Managing Editor, eMedicine, PM&R division.
  • Member of the Medical Examiners’ Panel, for the State of New Jersey

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Photos of Dr. Foye 

Tailbone Pain Doctor Foye 132

Tailbone Pain Doctor Foye 144Tailbone Pain Doctor Foye

Tailbone Pain, Fluoroscopy, Injections, Dr Foye
Fluoroscopy helps guide injections for Tailbone Pain.
Tailbone Pain, Patrick Foye, Tailbone, Coccyx, Pain, Doctor
Patrick Foye, M.D., Director of the Tailbone Pain Center
Tailbone Pain, MRI, Xrays, Dr Patrick Foye, MD
Personally reviewing MRI and X-ray images is important for Tailbone Pain.

Tailbone Pain Doctor, Distinguished Clinician Award, Patrick Foye MD
Dr. Foye received the “Distinguished Clinician” national award from the American Academy of PM&R.
Tailbone Pain Doctor, Master Educator Guild, Patrick Foye
Dr. Foye was inducted into the “Master Educator Guild” at UMDNJ, our nation’s largest public health science university.
Tailbone Pain Doctor, Patrick Foye MD
Dr. Foye came to New Jersey Medical School more than 20 years ago, in 1988 for medical school. He has been a full-time faculty member here since 1996.

Patient Choice Award, Tailbone Pain Doctor
Dr. Foye’s “Patient Choice Award” was based on complimentary patient feedback.
Distinguished Clinician Award, AAPM&R, Patrick Foye MD
“Distinguished Clinician” national award


Tailbone Pain (Coccyx Pain) Doctor / Physician

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