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Dr. Foye believes that it is important to publish further research on Tailbone Pain. This is so that physicians and patients worldwide can learn how best to evaluate and treat patients who have tailbone pain. Doctors, researchers and patients can learn from each other by reading reports published within formal medical journals. Below are summaries of a couple of Dr. Foye’s recent articles on tailbone pain (coccyx pain). Some of Dr. Foye’s more recent articles on coccydynia are currently “In Press” (which means that they have been accepted for publication, but are not yet published). 

Successful injection for coccyx pain. American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 2006 Sep;85(9):783-4.
This is an article that Dr. Foye published in 2006. The article describes a special injection where the physician performs a nerve block at the ganglion Impar. This is very different than a typical coccyx injection that many physicians attempt in their offices. This is not a steroid injection. It is a special type of nerve block. This injection requires fluoroscopy for accurate placement of the injection. (If your doctor gave you a local injection at your tailbone, without using a fluoroscopy machine to guide the injection to the exact location, it is very unlikely that you received a ganglion Impar nerve block.) This article documents that a single injection (when properly performed) can sometimes provide a patient with 100% permanent relief of tailbone pain (coccyx pain).

Coccydynia Successfully Treated with Ganglion Impar Blocks: A Case Series.American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 2005;84(3):218.
This is something that Dr. Foye published in 2005. It was a case series looking at a number of patients who came to see him for tailbone pain (coccyx pain, coccydynia). This particular group of patients was treated with ganglion Impar nerve blocks. All patients reported significant relief from receiving the injections. The percentage relief from any single injection ranged from 20% relief to 75% relief.

Coccyx pain, chapter on eMedicine (including causes, tests, treatments and relief for tailbone pain). This is a chapter (essentially a review article) all about coccyx pain. It is published online at eMedicine. eMedicine is known as probably the world’s largest online source of free, peer-reviewed medical information for physicians of all medical specialties. eMedicine had Dr. Foye personally write this review article, based upon his expertise in the area of treating coccyx pain. This was published online in 2007. Although this article is intended primarily for physicians, many patients will also find helpful information there. Also, patients who are not close enough to personally see Dr. Foye in his office may find it helpful to print out a copy of the article and give it to their treating physician.

Foye PM. Finding the cause of coccydynia (coccyx pain). J Bone Joint Surg [Br]. Published 1/2007online:

Foye PM. Coccydynia (Coccyx Pain) Caused by Chordoma. International Orthopedics. 2007 Mar 23; [Epub ahead of print]. Listed on PubMed.

Foye PM. Ganglion impar injection techniques for coccydynia (coccyx pain) and pelvic pain. Anesthesiology. 2007 May;106(5):1062-3.   Listed on PubMed.

Foye PM. New approaches to Ganglion Impar Blocks, via Coccygeal Joints. Reg Anesth Pain Med.  2007 May-Jun;32(3):269. Listed on PubMed.


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