Can you Ride a Bicycle if you have Coccyx Pain, Tailbone Pain?

The 4 main factors for using a bicycle despite tailbone pain would be:
1) a coccyx cut out, so that the coccyx is not directly hitting into the bike seat.
2) a wider-than-usual bike seat, so that more of the body weight is on the other sit bones (on the ischial bones) rather than on the coccyx.
3) consider wearing cycling pants, which have padding over the coccyx/buttocks.
4) stay up on your feet, instead of sitting down on your coccyx/buttocks: If you are doing a spin class where you can be essentially standing up on the pedals while you are peddling, rather than having your coccyx/buttock onto the seat, that would be far less likely to exacerbate the tailbone pain.
Best brands and where to buy your bike seat:
Risk of flare-ups, exacerbations:
  • Even with making these modifications/adjustments, there is always the possibility that cycling will cause the tailbone pain to worsen or return in patients who have coccyx problems.

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– Patrick Foye, M.D., Director of the Coccyx Pain Center, New Jersey, United States.

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