Emotional Stress from Tailbone Pain (Coccyx Pain)

Tailbone pain is frustrating!
  • Suffering with pain day after day, week after week, month after month is incredibly frustrating.
  • Life can start to revolve around the pain and how to avoid it:
    • Where can I sit?
    • What seats or couches do I need to avoid?
    • Oh no, I forgot or lost my cushion… how am I going to make it through the day?
    • What social activities can I attend?
    • When is my next dose of the pain medications?
    • where can I sit, what activities can I attend, when is my next dose of pain medication, etc.).
  • Doctors sometimes say thoughtless things:
    • Unfortunately, sometimes doctors are dismissive of patients with tailbone pain.
    • Doctors may not understand what is causing your pain or how badly your suffering and how badly this condition can impair your quality of life.
    • Sometimes the doctor may make an inappropriate offhand comment or joke. Perhaps he/she was trying to use humor to ease the stress of the situation, or maybe they were just being inappropriate, unprofessional, or just lacking good interpersonal skills.
    • In general, when I train medical students and resident physicians here, I tell them that the safest bet is to follow the patient’s lead. Specifically, if the patient is not joking around about their pain or situation then it is definitely better if the healthcare clinicians don’t start joking around about it. This sounds simple but unfortunately many doctors say thoughtless things that harm patient care.
  • If you are suffering with tailbone pain, hang in there.
  • In addition to the medical treatment for the pain itself, you may want to consider seeing a professional counselor for expert guidance on how to deal with the emotional stressors that understandably occur for people suffering from chronic daily pain.
  • Seek out the best medical care you can. Finding an accurate diagnosis is often a terrific source of emotional relief. Also, an accurate diagnosis lays the foundation for the optimal medical treatment plan, individualized just for you.
  • Know that there is hope. Medical care constantly advances, with new treatments always on the horizon. Hang in there!
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