Foldable Gel Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain

Foldable Gel Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain
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Here is the text from the video:
  • Hi. I’m Dr. Patrick Foye.
  • I’m an M.D. or medical doctor and I’m the Director of the Coccyx Pain Center, or Tailbone Pain Center, here in the United States.
  • I’m online at
  • This is a quick video just to just to look at a different type of cushion.
  • I see lots of patients who have tailbone pain.
  • They fly in from all over the country, occasionally internationally, and they have different types of cushions that are with them.
  • So, sometimes if I see something that’s a little less common I make a quick photo or video just to show that for people who may be looking for cushions or not have or have not found a cushion that works well for them yet.
  • This particular cushion… the one or two things that are a little different about it:
  • Number one: it’s foldable.
  • So some cushions have a crease in the middle and what that does is mainly two things.
  • Number one: it folds to sort of half the size.
  • So that that way it looks more like it looks more like a purse or a sort of a very low-profile or thin  handbag that you could carry along.
  • So it doesn’t look quite as noticeable to other people, as compared with carrying one of the bigger coccyx cushions.
  • It still has a handle (which most of them do) and this one happens to be called… the manufacture happens to be
  • (I have no vested interest in this. They’re not paying me to do this or anything. This is just from a patient who came in to see me and let me borrow it for three minutes here to do a video.)
  • So anyway, the crease in the middle… the thing about the crease in the middle (and I’ll see if I can hold this up a bit to demonstrate) is that when you sit… that essentially the tailbone or coccyx in the middle is essentially over the crease.
  • So that’s what helps to have you put your body weight onto the other two sit bones but not so much onto the coccyx.
  • So the two things that the crease do is:
    • Number one: it lets you fold it and make it look more like a purse.
    • Number two: is that the crease then is a spot where the coccyx sort of floats or hovers over the crease, so that it’s not contacting the seat and therefore less painful for you.
  • The one other thing about this particular cushion (and I’ll see if I can zip it open a little bit here) is that it’s essentially a gel material so you can probably see that.
  • And the gel material… the one thing that may be good about a gel material (and you can also see it sort of has a cutout in the middle where there’s no gel in the middle. So this is essentially like a doughnut, so essentially like a gel doughnut with a with a cover on top. The cover you could remove if you needed to throw it in the wash or something like that. I have had patients also who put their own fabric, if you’re creative, pick up some fabric that you like at a fabric store and make it look like a more like a personalized purse or something that you would carry with you)…
  • But the other thing about the gel is that (and the handle in this case is made of gel kind of a gel like material as well)…
  • … is that the gel may hold up better over time, theoretically, compared with the some of the thinner foam.
  • Especially if it’s not a particular sturdy foam, they can sometimes flatten over time and then become less effective because it’s squashing down like a pancake and it’s not really lifting your tailbone up off the chair.
  • So again, this is just a short video to review a cushion that’s a little less common than the ones we normally see with the cutout in the back.
  • It doesn’t mean this one would be perfect for you… it may or may not be.
  • But it’s one more to consider if some of the standard cushions are not doing the job, or if you’re in a setting where the appearance is really important for you in terms of having something that’s kind of more low-profile, to think about the ones that are split in the middle in that way.
  • Or if you’re somebody that your cushions are always flattening out on to and two-three months after using it you have to finding your need to get a new one and you may want to think about trying something with gel or something like that.
  • Anyway so that’s some information about coccyx cushions and particularly this one with the gel with the split in the middle.
  • Hope that’s helpful for you.
  • In my book “Tailbone Pain Relief Now!” I have a whole chapter about cushions.
  • If you’re looking for the book you can go to
  • If you want more information, or if you’re looking to find me, or come and see me, or what have you, you can find me online at
  • If you have questions, or thoughts, or comments, or want to mention about what cushions you’ve tried, or found helpful or not helpful, post your comments below. I’m sure they’ll be helpful for myself and others to see.
  • Bye-bye now.
  • I hope that helps.
Here is the VIDEO:


Here is the screenshot photo from the video:
Foldable Gel Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain

Foldable Gel Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain

Here is how the cushion looks without the cover:
purple coccyx gel cushion, foldable, for tailbone pain, coccyx pain

purple coccyx gel cushion, foldable, for tailbone pain, coccyx pain

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