Half-Price Book on Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain: USA, UK, Europe

  • I recently announced that if you are in the United Kingdom or Europe, the cost of buying the book, “Tailbone Pain Relief Now!” just dropped by ~ 50%.
  • I am now announcing a similar ~50% drop in price for the book when purchased in the United States.
  • The cost for the printed (paper) copy of the book in the USA was ~$20, but has now dropped to ~$10.
  • In the USA: Get the book by clicking on this Link: Tailbone Pain Book in the United States, or use this shortcut: http://a.co/9ans5Vr
  • Meanwhile, the e-book (Kindle) is only ~ $3 (use the same links shown above).
  • Get your copy of the book now, as prices may change after this month.
  • Here is a video announcing the half-price book offer:

Use these links to get your book: 

To come to Dr. Foye’s Tailbone Pain Center:
Tailbone Pain Book:

To get your copy of Dr. Foye’s book, “Tailbone Pain Relief Now!” click on this link: www.TailbonePainBook.com

Tailbone Pain Book cover Foye

Book: “Tailbone Pain Relief Now! Causes and Treatments for Your Sore or Injured Coccyx” by Patrick Foye, M.D.

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