How a STRAIGHT Coccyx Causes Coccyx Pain, Tailbone Pain, Coccydynia

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This is a short explanation about how a straight coccyx can be a cause of coccyx pain.

I’m Dr. Patrick Foye. I’m an M.D. (or medical doctor) and Director of the Coccyx Pain Center here in the United States, online at

And this is a explanation for why a straight coccyx can be a source of coccyx pain.

The coccyx is the lower part of the spine.

So lumbar spine would be above and then at the back of the pelvis is the sacrum and coccyx.

And you can see that normally it has this gradual forward curve to the sacrum and coccyx.

And one of the nice things that that does is that the normal gradual forward curve of the sacrament coccyx means that the coccyx (the lowest part of the spine) is sort of tucked into the pelvis.

So that when you go to sit the fact that it’s curved forward means that the coccyx does not bear a lot of weight… that the coccyx doesn’t immediately touch the sitting surface that you’re sitting on.

However, you can see that if, instead of curved forward, if the coccyx was straight down… like instead of curve forward like my finger is now here at the coccyx… if it was pointing straight down… then it does not have quite as much clearance.

So it’s going to hit the chair a little bit sooner.

And then it’s going by hitting the chair. It’s going to cause increased pressure at that area.

And if my finger is the coccyx and now it’s hitting the chair as it sits as you sit down.

Number one it can cause pain locally at that lower tip. Sometimes there’s also a bone spur there which can be another source of pain.

But, also, from hitting straight down it transmits some of those mechanical forces upwards through the coccyx and can sort of be like jamming the joint up above.

So just like the same way that if you ever caught a basketball or a football and it kind of hits straight onto your finger and kind of jams the finger or can even push it into extension sometimes. So, it can be painful at the joint.

So that’s the general story for how a coccyx that is too straight uh can sometimes be a source of tailbone pain

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STRAIGHT Coccyx Causes Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain, coccydynia, Patrick Foye MD
STRAIGHT Coccyx Causes Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain, coccydynia, Patrick Foye MD

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