How to Get a FREE Book on Tailbone Pain

Act now to get your FREE copy of the book, “Tailbone Pain Relief Now!”
Today is Tailbone Pain Awareness Day, November 15, 2018.
So, worldwide, you can get my book for FREE through Amazon for the next day or so.
Follow These 3 Simple Steps: 
1) Go to Amazon for your country and search for: Tailbone Foye. (If you use a Kindle then you can also search for it directly from your Kindle. But you do not need a Kindle to receive or read the free book.) In the United States use this link:

2) Select my book and above the price click on the line that says “see all versions”, to select the electronic version (the e-book, which is the version that is free).
FREE Book, Select it on Amazon, for Tailbone Pain Awareness Day

FREE Book, Select it on Amazon, for Tailbone Pain Awareness Day

3) Download the electronic version of the book for free. Read it to learn more about the best tests and treatments for tailbone pain (coccyx pain). Once you have downloaded it, it should remain on you computer or e-book reading device.


  • If you don’t already have a copy, this is your chance to get it for FREE.
  • Even if you already have the printed, paper version, you should log in to Amazon now and also get the electronic version.
  •  If you want the paper/printed version, that is available for purchase.

Special Request from Dr. Foye: 
Please post a REVIEW of this book on Amazon. I appreciate your feedback and your review can help others who are also suffering from this condition, so that they can find the book and find answers/relief. CLICK HERE to post a Review on Amazon.

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