MRI of Pilonidal Cyst causing Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain

What is a Pilonidal Cyst?
  • A pilonidal cyst is a collection of fluid and tissue, which can cause pain in the area of the sacrum and coccyx (tailbone).
  • I recently published an online article and video discussing the symptoms and physical exam findings of Pilonidal Cyst.
  • You can see that previous article and previous video here: Pilonidal Cyst Causing Tailbone Pain
The next step is to discuss the MRI findings of a Pilonidal Cyst.
  • MRI is an advanced imaging test that can show details such as a pilonidal cyst.
  • To reveal the video, click on the image or on the Link below:
  • MRI of Pilinidal Cyst, Coccyx Pain, Tailbone pain
  • Link to the Video:
Here is the text from the video:
  • This is a video just showing a pilonidal cyst on an MRI.
  • So basically here, just to orient you, we’re looking at MRI slices.
  • We’re looking at the sacroiliac joint on the right and over here on the left.
  • And then here’s the sacrum.
  • You can just see the start of the where you can see the sacral canal here and a little bit of the sacral hiatus.
  • And if I start scrolling down we get down to lower sacrum right where the arrow is here.
  • The computer is a little sluggish.
  • But coming down here we can see the coccyx on cross-section here at oval-shaped white structure.
  • And then here is the pilonidal cyst.
  • So this bright white structure on this particular type of MRI image, where basically the white structure here is the pilonidal cyst.
  • And then this white line extending to the surface (because out here this is the skin out here, coccyx there).
  • So the pilonidal cyst has a “track” or “fistula tract” = the connection or tunnel coming down to the surface of the skin right there.
  • Here you can just see the line, that’s the track.
  • And the coccyx has now disappeared, so we’re actually now below the coccyx.
  • So the pilonidal cyst was right at the back of the coccyx slightly to this side here.
  • So this is the midline, so slightly to this side.
  • This is actually slightly to the left of midline.
  • I know that on the image it looks like it’s to the right, but that’s because the way the patient is laying, the way the image is taken.
  • Things over here on this side of the screen will be on the patient’s right side.
  • Whereas this side of the screen over here will be the patient’s left side so this is just slightly to the side.
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