Second International Symposium on Coccyx Disorders, Netherlands, June 2018

It is just two months until the…

Second International Symposium on Coccyx Disorders
  • Dates: June 29 – 30,  2018
  • Location: Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht, South Holland, The Netherlands
  • More Information is available at the following website:
Below  (at the bottom of this page) is a VIDEO of Dr. Patrick Foye, M.D., who will be giving lectures at the conference.
  • Dr. Foye will be giving two lectures on non-surgical treatments for coccyx pain (tailbone pain, coccydynia).
  • Dr. Foye will post updated information from the conference, either during or after the coccyx, as much as possible.
Here is the text from Dr. Foye’s video:
  • This video is about the upcoming second International Coccyx Pain Symposium, which will be taking place in the end of June 2018 in the Netherlands.
  • I’m Dr. Patrick Foye. I’m an M.D. or Medical Doctor and Director of the Coccyx Pain Center here in the United States.
  • I’m online at
  • And this upcoming conference is online at www.Coccyx
  • So, the first International Coccyx Pain Symposium was two years ago in 2016, that was in Paris, France.
  • It was a terrific success. I got to meet clinicians and researchers, anatomy folks etc, from literally around the world who came and spoke at or attended the first International Coccyx Pain Symposium, in Paris.
  • And that was really, really terrific.
  • People whose research I have been reading for years… to be able to meet them in person and really learn a lot from different people in different specialties.
  • And I’m really optimistic that this second International Coccyx Pain Symposium will be a terrific success as well.
  • There is a wide variety of different speakers represented, both physicians and non-physicians and within physicians there are surgeons and non surgeons and other specialties.
  • So it really gives a diverse bunch of different viewpoints as to how different doctors or clinicians in different specialties may approach patients who have similar problems.
  • And really that’s how we all learn from each other.
  • Coccyx pain is a rare and uncommon enough condition that for many of us who treat this we don’t have a lot of other physicians around us who have a lot of experience in treating this as well.
  • So it’s really valuable to have a conference like this where many of us from around the world get together and exchange ideas about the best ways that we can help these patients.
  • The speakers: there’s more than a dozen speakers from literally around the world.
  • So right from within the Netherlands there are a number of physical therapists who be speaking so Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist for example.
  • There is a Colorectal Surgeon from the Netherlands as well.
  • There are Orthopedic Surgeons from both Paris, France, and also elsewhere in France, and two Orthopedic Surgeons will be coming down from Norway.
  • There is a Physical and Manual Medicine and Rheumatology Physician from Paris, France, who is certainly well known for his work in coccyx pain, he will be speaking as well.
  • There is a Physical Medicine Rehabilitation and Pain Physician from Turkey who will be speaking, an Anesthesiology Pain Physician from the United Kingdom who will be speaking, a Chiropractor from the UK as well, a Physicist from the UK who is a patient advocate representing the patient perspective for people suffering with tailbone pain, there is an anatomy PhD researcher who is coming all the way from New Zealand who specializes in some of his research specifically about issues related to the anatomy of the tailbone.
  • And I’m sure there’s others I’m forgetting as well.
  • I’ll be speaking, giving a couple of lectures as well,.
  • So I’ll be coming from the United States.
  • So again, a wide variety of speakers.
  • I’m really looking forward to the conference and I’ll be of course posting information from the conference and maybe doing some live streaming if I have adequate Wi-Fi while I’m there to do so.
  • So if you’re interested in the conference, it’s mostly attended by clinicians but if you have an interest in the coccyx or tailbone pain in general you may be interested in attending, if you’re anywhere able to reach the Netherlands in the end of June.
  • Again, the information for that is online at
  • Or I’ll be putting more information up about it as it’s upcoming and as I attend the conference myself.
  • And I’ll be posting on my own website, which is
  • So, hope you can either make the conference or just follow along if you can’t make it.
  • And I’ll update you on things I learn and people I meet and things that go on at the conference in the Netherlands in the end of June.
  • Okay. Bye bye now.
Here is the actual video:

Here is the screenshot from the video:
2nd International Coccyx Pain Symposium, Netherlands, 2018

2nd International Coccyx Pain Symposium, Netherlands, 2018

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