Social Media Disclaimers

•I love interacting, learning, and teaching on social media. And…

•My social media posts, comments, replies, videos, website, etc.: 

•are intended to be educational information.

•are not to be considered individual medical advice.

•are not a doctor-patient relationship.

•are not endorsements of any products, treatments, or people.

•are not representing the views of any employer or University or hospital.

•are not implying that I know you in ‘real life’.

•mainly focus on a niche area of clinical expertise: coccyx pain (tailbone pain).

•Consult with your own treating clinicians regarding your own care. Please discuss with them anything you learn from my posts.

•I generally do not use direct/private messages on social media.

•I do not do formal radiology readings (MRI, x-rays, etc.) on social media. (I do that privately for my actual patients, off social media.)

•If you ARE an actual patient of mine… Note: on social media I will generally not explicitly acknowledge that I know you in ‘real life’.

•If you want me to become your treating physician (e.g. for tailbone pain) go to: and call my office for a formal appointment.  Thank you!    — Patrick Foye, M.D.

Social Media Disclaimer
Social Media Disclaimer
Patrick Foye, M.D.
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