Social Media for Public Medical Education

To “Doctor” means “To Teach.”
  • The word “Doctor” comes from the Latin word  docēre [dɔˈkeːrɛ] ‘to teach‘.
  • So, a Doctor is a Teacher.
  • Doctors teach patients about the health and about their medical conditions and treatment options. A patient who is well-informed about their condition can make better decisions about their healthcare.
  • There are many ways to teach people about their health.
  • The most traditional approach is for a physician to spend time with each individual patient, informing one patient at a time regarding his or her specific diagnosis.
  • But physicians also have some responsibility to society overall, beyond just the individual patients who come for in-person medical care.
    • Public and private physician groups regularly issue public statements regarding matters of public health.
    • Examples include medical professional groups such as pediatricians recommending childhood immunization programs, or a national cancer society recommending certain protocols for cancer screening programs.
  • Modern methods of communication such as the Internet allow physicians to provide information online for free use by the public.
    • This can include blogging, YouTube videos, social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • Physicians are increasingly using the Internet to provide helpful information to society at large, providing benefit even to those who may never meet the physician in person.
    • In general, when people find medical information online, they should discuss this with their in-person treating physician, who can advise the person as to whether the information is correct and whether it is relevant to this individual person.

In the Link below, there is a video encouraging physicians to provide medical information online via Social Media.

Social Media for Physicians

Medscape also Recommends that Doctors Use Social Media:

Social Media Disclaimer

Social Media Disclaimer

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Social Media Disclaimer
Social Media Disclaimer
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