Tailbone Book, Chapter 1, Introduction to Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain

Tailbone Book, Chapter 1, Introduction to Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain
  • This is the first in a series of videos that give a glimpse into the chapters of Dr. Foye’s book, “Tailbone Pain Relief Now!”
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  • Hi. I’m Dr. Patrick Foye, M.D., the Director of the Coccyx Pain Center. or Tailbone Pain Center. here in New Jersey. in the United States. online at www.TailboneDoctor.com.
  • And this is the first in a series of videos going chapter by chapter, and reviewing the content in my book Tailbone Pain Relief Now!
  • The idea of these videos is that some people prefer to learn in a video format watching the videos rather than reading the book. Or, if you’re international, in some countries you may have a tougher time for international shipping to get a hard copy of the book.
  • Although any place worldwide with internet access you can get the e-book online and I’ll post the links below for where to get that.
  • The easiest way is just to go to www.TailboneBook.com
  • Anyway, so I’m starting with Chapter 1.
  • And we’ll just do a few minutes from each chapter just to kind of give you a sense of the material that’s covered.
  • So here we are in Chapter 1, which is the Introduction.
  • The first question was: who is the book for and why did I write the book?
  • And basically the book is for people who have tailbone pain.
  • I have been a medical school faculty member for 20-some years now and most of the things that I initially published were published in medical journals for physicians, for other physicians or doctors that are treating musculoskeletal pain syndromes.
  • And what I realized was that a lot of the information really was not getting out to the physicians.
  • There are so many journals and so many textbooks and places I was publishing, but there’s a gazillion more journals and textbooks that physicians try to keep up on.
  • And it’s impossible for any doctor to read them all and to stay current on the current evaluation and treatment for coccyx pain, tailbone pain, coccydynia, or for any other condition for that matter.
  • So really it was a matter of publishing directly for patients.
  • So this book is written as much as possible in laypersons language, so that you do not need to be a physician in order to read it, to understand it.
  • This is not written primarily for physicians at all.
  • I do think physicians could learn a lot from reading it, but it’s not written for doctors.
  • It’s written for people that are suffering for the tailbone pain.
  • So the goal was to basically empower patients, empower people to have the information that they need.
  • So especially for people that may be at a great distance, overseas and other places that are not able to come and see me directly in person.
  • Through this book, I can sort of put the information in your hands.
  • Knowledge is power. And with that knowledge you can help yourself to navigate the medical system in order to get the appropriate diagnostic testing and the appropriate treatment options to help with your pain.
  • So that’s who the book is for: it is for people with tailbone pain.
  • And basically the goal is then to put the information right into your hands.
  • The illustration in this chapter is basically showing the location for tailbone pain, which you can see right here.
  • We’re going to talk about that more in another chapter.
  • But it’s basically at the lower tip of the spine just below the sacrum a little bit higher than the anus.
  • That’s where the location is for people that are having tailbone pain.
  • The format that the book is going to follow is basically that each chapter will begin with sort of a small patient story, summarizing in a few sentences a patient who came to see me and what the issues were and how that relates to that particular chapter.
  • So when we get to chapters on fractures, or dislocations, or cancer, etc., there’ll be a short story. It’s just a single paragraph to explain a little bit about that, just to give you sort of a perspective for being able to see yourself in those situations, if that’s a scenario that sounds familiar for you or that applies to you. And then the chapter will then go through the educational contents and all of that.
  • The legal disclaimer is that the book and of itself is medical information. It’s education.
  • It is NOT a replacement for seeing a physician in person and having an in-person evaluation by a doctor that is experienced at treating tailbone pain.
  • The book really provides a lot of information for you.
  • The whole thing is 272 pages, so there’s lots of info in here, more than certainly 99.9% of physicians know about the coccyx is in this book.
  • So certainly you can you can learn a lot of information here.
  • But the book itself is not a replacement for actually being evaluated and treated by a physician.
  • The book is not individual medical advice for any one specific person.
  • It’s really a starting point so that you can then discuss these topics with your treating physicians.
  • So anyway so that’s Chapter 1, which is probably the shortest one, which is really “who’s the book for?” (people with tailbone pain) and “why did I write it?” (because everything else that I was publishing for medical doctors and in medical journals and textbooks really wasn’t getting through well enough so as a believer in empowering patients it’s a matter of giving you the information right to the source which is you).
  • So, anyway, I hope that’s helpful.
  • I will be doing more of these, reviewing subsequent chapters in the book and we’ll go from there.
  • You can find me online at www.TailboneDoctor.com
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Chapter 1 of Tailbone Pain Book, INTRO to Coccyx Pain

Chapter 1 of Tailbone Pain Book, INTRO to Coccyx Pain

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