Tailbone Book, Chapter 5: CAUSES of Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain

Tailbone Book, Chapter 5: CAUSES of Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain
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  • Hi. I’m Dr. Patrick Foye, M.D.
  • I’m the Director of the Coccyx Pain Center, or Tailbone Pain Center, here in the United States.
  • I’m online at www.TailboneDoctor.com
  • This is the next in a series of videos covering a glimpse at the information within the different chapters of my book, “Tailbone Pain Relief Now!”
  • And in this video were going to be talking about Chapter 5 which is Causes of Tailbone Pain.
  • In Chapter 5 is a chapter that is really important. But it is really just the introduction to a whole series of other chapters about causes of tailbone pain.
  • For this section we are really looking at this section of the book which is broken down into… the first section of the book is “Finding the Cause of Your Tailbone Pain.” And then the 2nd section of the book is “Treatment of Tailbone Pain”.
  • And the reason of course that the first section comes 1st is that before you can start with treatment you really should have been good evaluation to try to find what’s causing the tailbone pain in the 1st place.
  • So Chapter 5 is that introduction to the different causes of tailbone pain.
  • Some people will have a history of trauma, like a slip and a fall, as shown in the illustration here.
  • Other patients will have no history of such trauma.
  • There’s lots of different things that can cause tailbone pain.
  • Some of them are listed here. So that I can tell you that these are the things that are going to be covered in some of the subsequent chapters that are coming up.
  • So, in the subsequent chapters we are going to have chapters talking about: unstable joints (when there is increased or hyper-mobility of the joints). We will talk about tailbone fractures. Dislocations. Bone spurs. Arthritis. Abnormal positions for the tailbone, where it is either flexed too far forward for extended too far backwards.
  • We’ll talk about pain from the sympathetic nervous system at the coccyx, which can be very very important.
  • We’ll talk about cancer, or malignancies at the coccyx.
  • Infections in the area.
  • All of those kinds of things.
  • Really, this chapter, Chapter 5, is just an overview that those are going to be becoming chapters in the book.
  • But it’s really really important to have kind of that list of possible causes in your head.
  • And for your doctor to hopefully have that list of possible causes in his or her head.
  • So we are not just treating this as “Oh, somebody hand symptoms but we haven’t looked yet to see why they are having those symptoms.”
  • It’s very very important to discern or distinguish what’s causing the pain in the first place.
  • It is very very common the patient’s fly in to see me from around the country and internationally and they’ve had tailbone pain for years and not a single physician is actually tried to figure out exactly what’s causing it.
  • And often just from looking at the imaging studies that were done years ago, or imaging studies that we have done here at the initial evaluation, we will be able within a single office visit to solve that mystery.
  • And often it’s something very simple like a bone spur or an unstable joint or arthritis or in some cases worse things like cancer, or malignancies.
  • So, it’s really important again to make a diagnosis first and then build the treatment based upon what the diagnosis has found.
  • Yes, it is true that there are some cases where the cause of the tailbone pain cannot be figured out.
  • Medically the term for that they call it “idiopathic” (which just means that the doctors not sure what the underlying cause is).
  • They call it “idiopathic coccydynia” which just means coccydynia that the doctor doesn’t have a specific cause atomically figured out).
  • But that is a small percentage of the cases. I would say that is probably less than 10% of patients.
  • The vast majority, if you do a proper evaluation, and have the right imaging studies done, and evaluate them and look at them properly and with diligence and care you can usually find anatomically the cause and correlate that with the patient’s symptoms and physical exam findings.
  • So, probably many of you were watching this video, if you have tailbone pain, I would not be surprised if you’ve been suffering for months or years and have seen maybe multiple doctors and still not have an explanation for what’s causing your pain.
  • I’d be interested… post your comments down below with your thoughts or experiences in this area.
  • Do you know exactly what’s causing your tailbone pain?
  • Has anybody looked?
  • Have they tried to figure it out?
  • Were you just told that it’s “idiopathic” (meaning “we don’t know”)?
  • Post your comments down below and myself and others will be interested in read those and respond to those.
  • And if you’re looking to come and see me or find more information from me online, the best place to go for that is www.TailboneDoctor.com
  • If you’re looking for a copy of the book, the best place to go for that is to be www.TailboneBook.com
  • On that website, I have different links depending what country you are in, whether to get that book through Amazon in your local country or through other ways.
  • Whether you want the paperback copy or the electronic copy (e-book copy, which you can get and read that and download that in any country in the world, you do not need a special electronic book reader or anything for that, just Internet access).
  • So, anyway, the links for where to get all of that, for the book is www.TailboneBook.com and it will direct you to the right place, depending what you’re looking for and where you are at.
  • All right, I hope that information was helpful.
  • Post your comments down below and I’ll be interested to read those.
  • Bye, Bye, now.
Here is the actual VIDEO:

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Chapter 5 of Tailbone Pain Book, CAUSES of Coccyx Pain

Chapter 5 of Tailbone Pain Book, CAUSES of Coccyx Pain

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