Tailbone Cushion HIDDEN in a Bag, for Coccyx Pain, Tailbone Pain, Coccydynia

Tailbone cushions (coccyx cushions) can help decrease tailbone pain (coccyx pain, coccydynia) while sitting.

BUT, some people do not like walking around in public with an obvious cushion.

So, I recently created a video on the topic of carrying a coccyx cushion that is HIDDEN inside a large bag or large purse.

The video is shown down below. Meanwhile, here is the text from that video.

Let’s talk briefly about having a coccyx cushion that doesn’t look like a cushion that looks like it’s just a purse or a bag.

I’m Dr. Patrick Foye. I’m an M.D. or medical doctor and I’m the Director of the Coccyx Pain Center (or Tailbone Pain Center) here in the United States, online at www.TailboneDoctor.com

And this is a bag that someone let me let me borrow for purposes of the video.

Here you can see that this is a coccyx cushion.

The way that the cushion works is that you sit with the opening at the back so that when you’re sitting the tailbone is essentially hovering over the opening within the cushion.

But the idea of having it of carrying around a cushion that looks like this for some people they may be self-conscious about it or not want people asking them “What’s that cushion?” or “Why are you using that?”

So, what the patient did was just got a bag (she tells me she got it on Amazon) and basically pop the cushion into the bag.

And then when she carries it around. It just looks like a bag it just looks like a slightly large purse and zippered shut.

And then when she goes to sit down, she just puts that on her chair. She sits down and now her coccyx is hovering over that over that soft spot (you can see it even through here) within the cushion. so inside of the bag.

So, I just share this idea because sometimes people are either self-conscious about their cushion or just they don’t want people asking them about their business or “Why do you need to have this cushion?”

So, I thought I would share that as a as an interesting idea for people with tailbone pain.

If you want more information about tailbone pain you can certainly find me on my website www.TailboneDoctor.com or to come and see me.

Or for my book on tailbone pain you can find that on amazon it’s called “Tailbone Pain Relief Now!”

I hope that’s helpful for you.

Here is the VIDEO:

Or here is the LINK to the video: https://youtu.be/pqNUREqDVKw

Here is the Screen Shot from the video:

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– Patrick Foye, M.D., Director of the Tailbone Pain Center, New Jersey, United States.

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