Tailbone Specialists, at International Coccyx Pain Symposium, July 2023

Tailbone Pain Specialists attended the International Coccyx Pain Symposium, July 2023, in Paris, France. Three of the lecturers made this video in Paris after one of the conference days.

Here is the text from what they said, and then the video is below.

Okay, we are here in Paris, France, for the International Coccyx Pain Symposium. It’s the fourth one ever. Here’s the Arc de Triumph behind us.

I’m going to have a few of my colleagues from around the world introduce themselves. Hi this is Dr. Elif Gurkan from Istanbul, Turkey. We are having our fourth Symposium altogether.

Yes, and I’m Sytske Lohof, pelvic floor physical therapist from the Netherlands and we are so happy we are here for the fourth time and the second time in Paris. The first time was also in Paris and it’s so nice to be here. The weather is fine. The people are fine. And it’s a good Congress.

And I’m Dr. Patrick Foye from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Coccyx Pain Center. And basically, this is a conference where we have clinicians from around the world talking about the latest in the diagnosis and treatment of coccyx pain. We had the first day of the conference today. We have the second day tomorrow. And I’ve been learning a lot from the lectures, even though I’ve been treating patients with coccyx pain for years, as I know you have as well for many years. There’s always new things to learn from our colleagues around the world.

It’s a relatively uncommon condition so there’s not a lot of physicians who really specialize in this or have a lot of expertise.

So it’s wonderful to have my colleagues from other countries around the world to get together and talk about this topic.

Anything else? Thank you. And we will help those people with coccyx pain that’s our intention. And share our experience. Exactly. Bye-bye. “Au revoir.”

Here is the VIDEO:

You can also watch the video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/JlOgtjnPsj4

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– Patrick Foye, M.D., Director of the Tailbone Pain Center, New Jersey, United States.

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