Videos of Standard X-rays of the Coccyx (Tailbone), AP and Lateral Views

Below are a couple of videos showing how standard x-rays are done at the coccyx (tailbone).

These are sometimes done for patients who have coccyx pain (coccydynia, tailbone pain).

In general, the best x-rays are the sitting-versus-standing x-rays, and you can read more about those here at this link:

But unfortunately most radiology centers are not familiar with how to do the sitting-versus-standing x-rays. So, in the meantime, patients can at least have the “standard” x-rays done instead. These standard coccyx x-rays typically include lateral views and AP-views, which will be explained below.

The lateral view of the coccyx is typically the most important view when getting x-rays (radiographs) for a patient with tailbone pain.

The “Lateral” view is essentially looking at the coccyx from the side (side view).

Below is a video showing how to do the lateral view xrays of the coccyx: 

Below is another video describing how to do the lateral view coccyx x-rays:

And below shows how to do the “AP” view of the coccyx. “AP” stands for Anterior-to-Posterior, which means front-to-back. So, instead of the lateral view (which was the side view) the AP view looks at the coccyx from the front.

Video of the coccyx AP view: 

Note: although the demonstration videos show a “patient” wearing denim blue jeans, in reality if this was a real patient we would want her changed into a medical gown. Otherwise, the zippers and denim and grommets or buttons on her pants could block or obstruct or obscure our view of the tailbone.

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