Was the Tailbone even included in the Tailbone Imaging studies?

For people with Tailbone Pain, the x-rays/MRI/CT-scans often FAIL to even include the Tailbone, even though that is the source of the person’s pain
  • Many patients experience frustration with finding out that their local radiologists/doctors did not even include the tailbone in their imaging studies.
  • As crazy as that is, unfortunately I see this essentially every week in my new patients, regardless of what state or country they come from.
  • People suffer for months and years while being told their imaging studies were normal, only to eventually find out that the imaging studies never actually included the tailbone (even in cases where the patient explicitly told the ordering physician and the radiology technician that the tailbone was the source of pain).
  • This is one of the reasons why I have my new/incoming patients gather up their previous radiology reports and previous radiology imaging studies (usually on a computer CD, or sometimes on the more old-fashioned films). That way the patient and I can look through the images and radiology reports to determine whether they even included the tailbone at all.
  • Also, in the vast majority of new/incoming patients, I typically get sitting-versus-standing x-rays of the coccyx/tailbone done, since this specifically includes looking for unstable joints at the tailbone (coccygeal dynamic instability) which can really only be detected on x-rays that are done while sitting (which very few radiology centers have ever heard of).
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