What's the BEST Injection for Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain?

What’s the BEST Injection for Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain?
  • Recently, another physician asked me, “What’s the BEST injection to do for patients who have coccyx pain (tailbone pain)?”
  • There are multiple different types of injections that can help decrease or eliminate tailbone pain.
  • But which injection is “BEST”?
  • The answer depends on many factors…
  • This video discusses this topic.
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  • Link: https://youtu.be/K5wayJ0LHF0
Here is the TEXT from the video:
  • Hi. I’m Dr. Patrick Foye and I am an M.D., or Medical Doctor. And I am the Director of the Tailbone Pain Center, or Coccyx Pain Center. You can find me online at www.TailboneDoctor.com.
  • And this is just a really short video regarding the question of what is the best injection to do for a patient who has tailbone pain?
  • So let’s assume that other treatments were not working… medications by mouth and cushions and other things.
  • And this question came up recently. I was speaking at a medical conference and one of the other physicians on the panel asked me after the session and said, “You treat a lot of tailbone pain, what is the best injection to do for these patients?”
  • And I thought it was a really interesting question because it assumes that there is just one best thing to do. When really there is a variety of different types of injections that can be done for tailbone pain. And more importantly it depends upon the diagnosis.
  • So, one of the things that unfortunately I see a lot is that patients have injections done without having a diagnosis first. And here at the Tailbone Pain Center I have treated thousands of patients with coccydynia, tailbone pain. And I ask them to bring with them their previous procedure notes if they have had injections in the tailbone region.
  • And it is unfortunately very very common that injections have been done without a diagnosis being made first. And that is really important because the diagnosis is going to lay the groundwork for figuring out what type of injection, if any, makes the most sense to do in any given patient.
  • And the comparison that I make is that it would be similar to going into the mechanic and asking, “What is the best thing to fix when somebody brings their car in with car problems?” And you would say well that is sort of a ridiculous question, it would depend what is the problem with the car. You would have to make the diagnosis first. Is it a problem with the fan belt, or the carburetor, or the spark plug, or the muffler, or whatever else maybe going on.
  • And similarly at the tailbone, there are a number of different things that can cause tailbone pain.  Everything from malignancies that can be life threatening, to bone spurs, to arthritis to fractures to dislocations to… very commonly we see patients with dynamic instability (which is an instability of the joints, which is the space in between the bones of the coccyx, where we can detect that by doing the x-rays while the person is sitting, compared with the position of the tailbone while the person is standing).
  • And while they are sitting, that weight bearing may show that they have a dislocating joint at one particular spot within the coccyx.  And, unfortunately, I have seen probably hundreds and hundreds of patients where this exact scenario has happened: where they have had previous injections done but they were not at the spot where the patient actually has their pathology.
  • Or a patient may have a bone spur, a little bit of extra bone down at the lower tip of the coccyx. And that is where they have all of their pain. And yet I would read the procedure note and they had their injection done up at the top of the coccyx, the exact opposite end, not at the spot where they are having their pain.
  • So, the short answer to the question, “what is the best injection to do for tailbone pain?” is: it depends. It depends what is causing the tailbone pain. For a longer answer I will refer you to online.  This is just going to be a short video. But it is everything from there is coccyx steroid injections, there is particular types of nerve blocks and other things that can be done.
  • I will put the link down below to some online articles that I have written on injections at the tailbone. There is also a whole chapter on injections in the tailbone, within my book that I have written, which is Tailbone Pain Relief Now!
  • That is an Amazon, at least on the United States website for Amazon the book is available.  Or at least at the time that I am doing this video, the book is available for free at the website www.TailboneBook.com. That is only if you live in the United States basically you just pay for shipping and handling. So that is www.TailboneBook.com, if you want to get a copy of the book.  And there is an entire chapter in there specifically on the topic of injections for tailbone pain.
  • So anyway that is my answer to the question of, “What is the best injection to do for patients with tailbone pain?” So I hope that this was helpful, I will post the links down below, (a) where you can find the book if you are interested in that, but also to some online articles that I have written about some of the different types of injections that are done in the treatment of tailbone pain.
  • And if you want further information or to come and see me in person for an evaluation, the easiest way to find me is online at  www.TailboneDoctor.com.
  • So I hope the video has been helpful and all the best. Bye bye.
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