3 Years since Publishing the Book: Tailbone Pain Relief Now!

In the video below, Patrick Foye, M.D., discusses the 3 years since publishing the book: Tailbone Pain Relief Now!
  • The book is all about: Coccyx Pain, Tailbone Pain, Coccydynia.
Here is the Text Transcribed from the video: (The actual Video is down below the text.)
  • This video marks the three-year anniversary since the publication of my  book: Tailbone Pain Relief Now! and I really wanted to take this opportunity  to reflect on the past three years since the book came out.
  • I’m Dr. Patrick Foye.
  • I’m an MD or medical doctor.
  • And I’m the director of the Coccyx Pain Center or  Tailbone Pain Center here in New Jersey in the United States.
  • You can find me  online at www.TailboneDoctor.com.
  • And I’ve been the Director of the Tailbone Pain Center here for many many years…
  • almost 20 years now.
  • And really the idea to  write a book for patients is something that was on my to-do list for more than  a decade before I actually took on the project and did it and completed that.
  • And it was published about three years ago, in September of 2015, so three years  ago this month from the time that I’m making the video now.
  • And really it has  been a terrific experience writing the book and putting things down in what I  hope is an organized and easy to read of me way.
  • And prior to that most of the  things I was publishing were really things that I was publishing for other  physicians.
  • And I still do a lot of that.
  • I’m a Professor here at the Medical  School.
  • so I write book chapters, and research articles  in journals, and I give Grand Rounds lectures, and lectures at national and  international conferences and all of those kinds of things.
  • And I teach our  medical students here…
  • I’ve trained  thousands of young doctors over the  years.
  • And the idea for the book though was to write something that was NOT for  physicians, but rather that was for people that were actually suffering from  tailbone pain.
  • And one of the things I’ve found is that people have a tough time  finding information.
  • they have a tough time finding doctors who understand  their condition.
  • So the idea for the book was as a means or a way to empower  patients with knowledge, because with the knowledge of how to navigate the  healthcare system and advocate for themselves and describe to their doctors  the proper types of x-rays or MRI or CT scan that they might need or  treatment options, because a lot of doctors unfortunately don’t know that  much about this area.
  • Compared to low back pain for example tailbone pain is probably ten or twenty thousand times less common.
  • So many doctors and  radiology centers just are not that familiar with evaluating or treating  problems of the tailbone or coccyx.
  • So the idea of the book was to put all of  that in an organized fashion.
  • the first half of the book is mostly about  diagnosis for tailbone pain: the various things that can cause tailbone pain…
  • Everything from fractures and dislocations and arthritis and unstable  joints and bone spurs and cancer or malignancy in the area and a whole  variety of other things.
  • And then the second half of the book is all about  treatment…
  • Everything from cushions and physical therapy and manipulation and  local injections and medications by mouth and surgical removal of the tailbone.
  • So each of those different topics that I just mentioned and many more have their  own chapter in here.
  • So that there’s more  than 30 chapters in all, 272 pages all about the coccyx or tailbone.
  • I can hold  up the table of contents here if  you want to see some of that for what’s  in there.
  • But really I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on what it’s  been like in the three years since the book came out.
  • First of all in the making  of the book my publishing team sort of thought I was crazy because it is such a  small focal niche area to write a 272 page book about a part of the body that  is about half the size of your pinky finger.
  • To some of them this seemed a little  bit crazy and mostly I had publishing companies that wanted me to change it  into a book about low back pain in general.
  • And certainly again low back  pain is far more common and from a publisher perspective I can understand  how publishers would be more interested in a book on low back pain  because again there’s 10 or 20 thousand times more potential interested  readers.
  • But the problem with this is that there really was nothing previously  available for as in a book form for people who are suffering from tailbone  pain, whereas there are many resources and books available specifically on the  topic of low back pain.
  • So really  my focus was to stay  specific to the coccyx or tailbone.
  • And it may seem crazy to have 272  pages all about that but I really wanted to have a comprehensive and easy to read  sort of manual for people to go by as they’re figuring out or  understanding what seems to be causing their pain.
  • The response has  really been terrific.
  • There’s certainly not a  huge number of the books printed compared to something on low back pain, but there  have been a couple thousand copies of the book now out in circulation largely  through Amazon or Barnes and Noble’s and other places online that that people can  obtain the book.
  • I have heard from people who’ve read the book in  essentially every continent on the planet except for Antarctica.
  • So if  you’re making a trip to Antarctica and you take the book along  send me a photo of you there so we’ll complete the continents with  that.
  • But it has really been one of the most gratifying academic projects that  I’ve done in a quarter of a century or more now as a physician,  really empowering patients with the knowledge that they need to understand  what’s causing their pain and the best ways to work with their doctors  for treatment.
  • So I’ve had people who have  emailed me or contacted me and have told me specifically parts of the book that  became helpful to them or how it helped them to have a conversation  with their treating physician about  everything from as simple  tips in here like how to find a physician who’s experienced in this area  or what types of x-rays or MRI or CT scan or other things might be most  helpful or how to evaluate whether the radiology  report even shows that whether this study even included the coccyx or how to  look at the imaging studies with your treating physician and ask them to  specifically point to the tailbone.
  • That one tip alone is probably one of the  most common things that I hear from people around the world who say  I had my my MRI or x-rays done two or three or four years ago I was told  everything was fine when I read the book and it said have  your doctor point out to you point out your tailbone on the imaging studies and  very very common that it will turn out that the tailbone was not included at  all on the x-rays or MRI and physician were  told was normal…
  • Or that it was included but there was a blatant of abnormality  that the radiologist missed.
  • And  then that lays the groundwork  for further treatment and and  changing things from something that may  at times seem hopeless to a patient, to something that really is treatable with  the careful and thoughtful approach by an by a physician or medical team  experienced in evaluating and treating the coccyx…
  • Or even if they’re not as  experienced as ideally they would be, if they’re at least open to learning more  about that area then there’s a lot of information that can be helpful.
  • Again it’s written mostly for patients, this particular book, but there’s a lot of  information that doctors could learn as well.
  • In fact if you’re a patient and you  read this book, these 272 pages, I guarantee you you will  know more about coccyx pain than 99.9% of physicians out there.
  • So at any rate  those are some of my thoughts now three years since the  book was first published and it’s been really one of the most  gratifying things that I’ve done  as a physician as far as academic  projects.
  • And really the whole goal of course is to try to make a  positive difference in the world wherever we can just like all  of us try to in our in our day to day lives.
  • So if you are looking for the book  you can get that either online at amazon.com or Barnes and Noble’s or  other places you can get it or through the website www.TailboneBook.com  if you’re interested in coming to see me in person easiest way to find me online  is www.TailboneDoctor.com and again this is just some of my thoughts on  three years since the book first came into publication.
  • Okay. if you have  comments on the book or feedback on the book certainly post that online at Amazon that would be helpful or if you have questions you can post them dow  below this video and I’ll be happy to to read those and hopefully respond as well.
  • Okay. Bye bye.
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3 years for coccyx pain book, Tailbone Pain Relief Now!

3 years for coccyx pain book, Tailbone Pain Relief Now!

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– Patrick Foye, M.D., Director of the Coccyx Pain Center, New Jersey, United States.

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