TWO Different Causes of Coccyx Pain (Tailbone Pain) in the Same Patient

Someone recently asked me whether it was possible for someone to have coccyx pain being caused by TWO different causes in the same patient.

  • Yes, it is certainly possible for patients to have more than one location of coccyx problem.
  • For example, I frequently see patients who have both the most common cause of coccyx pain (hypermobility, diagnosed by sitting-versus-standing x-rays) and they may ALSO have the 2nd most common cause of coccyx pain, which is a bone spur at the distal/lowest tip of the coccyx.
  • Or, some patients may have pain being caused by hypermobility or other abnormalities at TWO different joints within the coccyx, not just one joint.
  • Or, a patient may have arthritis at the upper coccyx, and tables for at the lower coccyx.
  • Other combinations are also possible.
  • The best way to help figure all this out is to have a thorough and thoughtful medical evaluation by a physician who is experienced at evaluating and treating  coccydynia (coccyx pain, tailbone pain).
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– Patrick Foye, M.D., Director of the Coccyx Pain Center, New Jersey, United States.

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