Coming soon... my book on Tailbone Pain!

Coming soon… my book on Tailbone Pain!

It’s called:

Tailbone Pain Relief Now!

Causes and Treatments for Your Sore or Injured Coccyx

Tailbone Pain Book cover Foye

I’ve worked on/off on this book for more than 10 years, and finally this past year I put in hundreds of hours to make it a reality.

I’ve never written an entire book before (only individual chapters or articles in other books or medical journals).

This was a big undertaking for me. But I know there is a need because although I publish and lecture for doctors and yet it never trickles down to enough of them.

So this book is written to empower the actual patients who are suffering with tailbone pain (coccyx pain). The goal is to help as many people as possible.

30 chapters, all about the coccyx, including causes of pain, tests, and treatments.

It should be out by June 2015.

More information to follow…

Patrick Foye, M.D.

Patrick Foye, M.D.
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