Hip Pain or Stiffness due to Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain

Coccyx pain (tailbone pain) can sometimes cause people to also have pain or stiffness in the hip region.
Text from the video:
  • Hi, folks. This is Dr. Patrick Foye at the Tailbone Pain Center here New Jersey.
  • This is just a short video to answer the question about tailbone pain in association with hip pain, meaning pain at the hip joint, or hip tightness.
  • This was actually a discussion I had recently with the patient who was having a lot of tightness in her hips and she had been experiencing tailbone pain for a significant amount of time.
  • The general issue as I see it is that when people have tailbone pain tend to sit abnormally because the body is smart and it’s looking to avoid pain.
  • So people will sit where they’re leaning towards one side or the other. Or they’ll sit bending forward your leaning forwards so that the tailbone is not making so much contact with the chair that they’re sitting on.
  • But the downside of that is that if you’re sitting for a prolonged duration of time, sitting forward or leaning to one side, for hours at a time, it’s very very common that you would start to develop stiffness and tightness within the hip joints, because of how you’re sitting.
  • I can kind of show you this now if you’re sitting leaning forwards your flexing at the hips and therefore you’re not going to be having the normal neutral hip position the way that people without tailbone pain would sit.
  • So it’s not uncommon to see that combination (hip symptoms along with tailbone pain).
  • I certainly see a number of patients where they’ve had tailbone pain for a while and because of abnormal sitting other parts of the body, including the hips, will start to hurt.
  • In general, if the tailbone was the primary problem than the goal is to treat the tailbone pain and get the tailbone pain under as good control as possible. Then, often, those other areas will start to quiet down as the person can sit more normally.
  • But sometimes the pain and tightness and stiffness and decreased range of motion may persist in those other areas and actually need specific treatment above and beyond what we’re doing specifically at the tailbone.
  • So, anyway, that’s just a quick video with my thoughts and comments on hip joint tightness and pain and stiffness seen sometimes in combination for patients were suffering from coccydynia (Ward coccyx pain, tailbone pain).
  • Anyway, I hope that’s helpful information.
  • If you want more information you can find me online at www.TailboneDoctor.com.
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