Patrick Foye MD Reviews 21 Years at Rutgers NJMS.

Summarizing 21 Years as a Medical Doctor, Physician, Medical Educator, Clinician, at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
  • Patrick M. Foye, M.D. is a physician in New Jersey.
  • On the anniversary date of being 21 years on faculty at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Dr. Patrick Foye gave his off the cuff thoughts.
  • Looking forward hopefully to many more years of patient care and medical education!  🙂
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Here is the TEXT transcribed from the video:
  • I am Dr. Patrick Foye, and I’m an M.D., or medical doctor.
  • And I’m making this video, particularly on the anniversary of my 21 years here on faculty at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.
  • I actually first came to the medical school longer than that ago, about 28 years ago, as a medical student and graduated from here in 1992, so about 25 years ago.
  • Then I went and spent a couple of years working at a hospital in Chicago, doing my residency out there.
  • I came back and joined the faculty here at what was then called “UMDNJ New Jersey Medical School” in August of 1996.
  • And now here we are in August 2017, so 21 years later.
  • So on the anniversary date of my joining the faculty here, it just gives me pause to think back at what the last 21 years here have meant.
  • First of all, we are a medical school, so we are training medical students.
  • So along those lines, we graduate approximately 160 to 180 medical students per year.
  • So looking back at 21 years here, were are looking at ballpark of about 4,000 medical school graduates during my time here.
  • And I’m actively involved in the medical school curriculum, teaching them musculoskeletal medicine and pain management and those kinds of things.
  • So really I’ve had an opportunity to contribute to the knowledge base and hopefully the patient care skills for about 4,000 of our New Jersey medical school graduates who are out there making our school proud, doing terrific work in the clinical care for their patients, and healthcare administration, and research, and all kinds of other areas.
  • We also have a highly esteemed residency training program in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the medical school here and the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation and our other affiliate sites.
  • And that’s about another 8 to 10 graduates per year from the resident training program in PM&R, so another hundreds or a few hundred graduates from during my time here.
  • And it’s really gratifying at this point of my career, having been doing this for couple of decades, to be able to see many of those graduates out there doing great things, some of them are residency program directors themselves and course directors and running conferences where I myself go and I’m learning things from them.
  • And they’re publishing great articles, and of course doing terrific patient care in a wide variety of subspecialties and areas within Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
  • And then certainly for myself in addition to the educational aspects of teaching our students, and our residents, and our fellows, is treating patients myself, which is certainly the most gratifying part of my time here.
  • I do mostly all outpatient musculoskeletal medicine and pain management.
  • My subspecialty niche area is treating patients with “tailbone pain” or “coccyx pain”.
  • I run a Coccyx Pain Center or Tailbone Pain Center here.
  • And that has been incredibly gratifying.
  • To have patients who are suffering from pain and to be able to find an answer to what is causing their pain and then to be able help them find relief from the pain that their suffering with is immensely gratifying.
  • Here on campus we also have University Hospital.
  • It’s a “safety net” hospital.
  • It’s a state hospital here in New Jersey.
  • We treat lots of patients from near and far.
  • It’s a Level-1 Trauma Center, so many, many serious injuries are brought here by helicopter and ambulance and all of those kinds of things.
  • And it’s also a hospital that serves the needy.
  • So we are the number 1 provider of charity care services of any medical facility within the state of New Jersey.
  • And that’s really part of our mission here as well, taking care of patients who would not have access to medical care elsewhere.
  • So, in general as I look back now on 21 years here it has been a terrific 21 years.
  • I certainly have grown as a physician and as a person.
  • I’m at a different stage in my life than when I started here.
  • And I look back and think about the medical students and residents physician and fellows and my colleagues or attending physicians that I’ve gotten to work with, and the patients that I’ve been able to treat, and really it’s been a terrific 21 years.
  • So, those are my thoughts on 21 years at New Jersey Medical School, here in Newark, New Jersey.
  • Okay. Bye-bye.
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