Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago is now the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab

I completely loved doing my residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), from 1993 to 1996.

Roughly a quarter century later, in July 2019, I was happy to be back to give a Grand Rounds lecture on Coccyx Pain (Tailbone Pain).

There is a totally new and beautifully […]

Dr. Foye was Interviewed by Dr. Elif Gürkan, from Istanbul, Turkey, regarding Coccyx Pain (coccydynia, tailbone pain, koksidini, koksiks ağrı)

Dr. Foye was Interviewed by Dr. Elif Gürkan, from Istanbul, Turkey, regarding Coccyx Pain (coccydynia, tailbone pain, koksidini, koksiks ağrı).

They discussed coccydynia (koksidini, coccyx pain, tailbone pain, koksiks ağrı).

If you have tailbone pain and live in Turkey… You can find Dr. Gürkan’s website online at:

Here is the video, which is […]

Pain Conference was Awesome, NJSIPP and NYSIPP

Dr. Foye recently attended the Pain Medicine Symposium 2017, which is a medical conference for pain management physicians.

The conference was run by the New York Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (NYSIPP) and the New Jersey Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (NJSIPP).

There were physician experts speaking and attending from around the world. Modern treatments […]

Appreciation Award Given to Dr Patrick Foye, MD

2017 Appreciation Award Given to Dr. Patrick Foye, M.D. At this year’s graduation ceremonies for graduating residents physicians and fellows, the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School presented the Department’s “Appreciation Award” to Dr. Foye, in honor of his almost-five-years serving as Interim Chair of the Department. To come […]

Photos from 20 years ago

Photos from ~20 years ago #FBF (Flash-back Friday) with Dr. Denise Campagnolo (she was #NJMS/Kessler #PMandR Residency Director in that era). I found these today. But I’m not sure who that guy is with the thick, dark, hair. 🙂 -Dr. Foye […]

Patrick Foye MD Reviews 21 Years at Rutgers NJMS.

Summarizing 21 Years as a Medical Doctor, Physician, Medical Educator, Clinician, at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Patrick M. Foye, M.D. is a physician in New Jersey. On the anniversary date of being 21 years on faculty at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Dr. Patrick Foye gave his off the cuff thoughts. Looking forward hopefully […]

Randy Foye, Patrick Foye, Newark, New Jersey

Despite my 21 years in medical practice in #Newark, props still go to #RandyFoye as Newark, NJ’s more famous Foye!

To come to Dr. Foye’s Tailbone Pain Center: Get expert medical care for your tailbone problem. Here’s what you need know: Tailbone Pain Book:

To get your copy of Dr. […]

Rutgers Article on Dr Patrick Foye and his Tailbone Pain Center

Below is an article published by Rutgers University regarding Patrick Foye, M.D., and his Tailbone Pain Center.

The original article is posted here: Here is the non-formatted text: Rutgers Professor Focuses Medical Practice on a Part of the Body that Gets Little Respect – the Coccyx New Jersey Medical School’s Patrick M. […]

Predicting doctoring... since 1972.

Wow! A shocker from my childhood… My parents’ home bathroom recently had the wall tiles removed to install grab bars for their safety. They called me to come see the insides of the walls, which were covered in cartoon sketches drawn by my siblings and I the last time the bathroom was renovated. That […]

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