Rowing causing Tailbone Pain: Coccyx Pain from Canoeing, Kayaking, Rowing Machines

In the video below, we’ll talk for one minute about causing increased tailbone pain (coccyx pain) while rowing, or using a rowing machine, or being on a kayak or canoe.

I’m Dr. Patrick Foye, the Director of the Coccyx Pain Center or Tailbone Pain Center, at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.

The tailbone is located right at the lower tip of the spine and there are a couple of things about rowing that typically make it painful for people who have tailbone problems.

Number one is that while rowing part of the time is leaning partway backwards and in that leaning partway backwards position we’re putting more of our body weight onto the tailbone. So if the tailbone is painful (whether that’s from a bone spur or arthritis or a hypermobile joint) it’s going to be increased pain while leaning partway back.

And the other thing is that while rowing there’s typically this back and forth motion. So you’re essentially rocking back and forth on that painful tailbone. So that also will tend to exacerbate or worsen the pain.

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