Sacroiliac Joint Pain versus Tailbone Pain: SI Joint Pain versus Coccyx Pain

The video below will summarize in less than one minute the difference between coccyx pain (tailbone pain) versus sacroiliac joint pain.

The biggest thing is that the coccyx is right at the midline versus the sacroiliac joint which is off to either side right or left.

Also, the coccyx is significantly lower than the sacroiliac joint.

The tailbone or coccyx is just slightly above the anus, whereas the sacroiliac joints are higher up.

So, if you’re looking along the skin landmarks on the back, the tailbone is way down here, just above the anus.

Sacroiliac joint pain tends to be in the mid to upper buttocks, to the right or left.

On physical exam the best thing you can do is directly pressing over the tailbone to see if that reproduces the pain. If so then the pain is NOT the sacroiliac joint.

There are also physical exam maneuvers you can do for sacroiliac joint pain.

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