Second Dose, Repeat Coccyx Injection for Tailbone Pain

Tailbone Injections and Repeat Injections are Common and Reasonable for Coccyx Pain
REPEAT Tailbone Injections for Coccyx Pain
  • The best reason to repeat a tailbone injection is when the same injection has previously provided excellent relief for a substantial duration of time.
    • For example, if an specific injection gave 100% relief but then a year later the pain starts coming back, then repeating the injection often makes sense.
  • Second dose: In some patients, the initial injection may fail to give adequate relief, but it still may make sense to REPEAT the injection.
    • This is sometimes referred to as the “2nd dose” effect.
    • Headache comparison: Imagine that you have a headache, and you take 2 tablets of Tylenol. After 4 or 5 hours, if you do not have complete relief of your headache, then it may be reasonable to take a “second dose”. The same treatment is given, but this may be dramatically more effective than the initial treatment was.
    • At the coccyx, imagine that you had a coccyx injection, and received only partial relief, or perhaps even no relief at all. Then, depending on your specific details, it may make sense to REPEAT the same injection, in order to obtain the “Second dose” effect and thereby receive relief.  It is often very dramatic to see patients where a single injection has given little or no relief, and yet a repeat injection (second dose) has given complete relief and terrific improvement in quality of life.
  • The decision regarding whether to undergo or repeat a coccyx injection in any given patient should be a consideration and discussion between the individual patient and their in-person treating physician (ideally a physician with experience in evaluating and treating patients with coccydynia [coccyx pain, tailbone pain]).


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