I Lectured on Tailbone Pain (Coccyx Pain)

Last week I was a “Visiting Professor” speaking on the topic of “Tailbone Pain (Coccyx Pain): Causes and Treatments” at Carolinas Medical Center, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

-Patrick Foye, M.D.


Coming soon... my book on Tailbone Pain!

Coming soon… my book on Tailbone Pain!

It’s called:

Tailbone Pain Relief Now!

Causes and Treatments for Your Sore or Injured Coccyx

I’ve worked on/off on this book for more than 10 years, and finally this past year I put in hundreds of hours to make it a reality.

I’ve never written an […]

Doctors failing to order Xray or MRI images despite years of tailbone pain

It is a shame when people are left suffering in pain for years without the doctor ever even getting imaging studies to look at the painful area.

For tailbone pain (coccyx pain), it is unfortunately very common that people suffer for years without their doctors getting any imaging test to look at the painful area.


Tailbone Pain and Pregnancy

There are many reasons why tailbone pain (coccyx pain) can initially occur (or worsen if it is already present) during pregnancy.

The developing child in the uterus causes increased pressure within the pelvis. Some of this pressure transmitted to the tailbone. The pregnant woman tends to be more sedentary (especially later in the pregnancy, due […]

Invisible disability: tailbone pain

Not every disability is visible.

Many people with tailbone pain and other pelvic floor pain syndromes don’t “look” ill.

To the outside observer, they do not see any sling on your arm or cast on your leg.

Yet the tailbone pain can be severe. The injured coccyx can be so sore that you are unable […]

Tailbone MRI, CT, X-rays: sitting versus lying down

Typical MRI and CT scans are normally done in a horizontal position (while you are lying down).

These tests can provide helpful information, BUT in MANY cases the tailbone will look normal while someone is lying down but will be clearly abnormal/dislocated while the person is sitting with her body weight onto the tailbone.

MRI […]

Do you have tailbone pain?

How do you know if you have tailbone pain (coccyx pain)?

Here’s a short video to help you find out:

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