Physicians who will Not do a Physical Exam for Tailbone Pain

  • It is unfortunately common that patients tell me that the prior physician treating their tailbone pain never actually examined  their tailbone.
  • It is crazy to that a doctor would be providing medical care for a specific musculoskeletal location and yet not have the time or skills to perform a basic physical exam of the painful site.
  • Any physician who is treating the tailbone should, at a minimum, be able to perform a physical exam where they palpate (press upon) the tailbone, at least externally, to confirm whether that site is tender and whether that tenderness matches the symptoms that you are seeing them for.
  • Most physicians should also be able to perform a visual exam (inspection) of the anal/perianal area, and potentially an internal/rectal/digital exam.
  • If it is a musculoskeletal/pain physician that prefers not to perform the anal portion of the exam, then typically it would be a matter of seeing a primary care physician or a gastroenterologist. There are times when things like an internal thrombosed hemorrhoid or an anal fissure can be the cause of anal pain (which is very close to the lower tip of the coccyx).
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