Find a Clinician who will TOUCH your Coccyx if you have Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain, Coccydynia

MANY coccyx pain patients tell me that their Doctors NEVER EVEN EXAMINED (touched / palpated) their coccyx.  

This happens all the time! It’s BIZARRE!

IMAGINE someone treating your thumb without ever examining it.  Unthinkable!

Clinicians (primary care, pain or  musculoskeletal specialists, P.T.’s, etc.) should EVALUATE THE SITE OF PAIN!  

Patients DESERVE proper […]

Physicians who will Not do a Physical Exam for Tailbone Pain

It is unfortunately common that patients tell me that the prior physician treating their tailbone pain never actually examined their tailbone. It is crazy to that a doctor would be providing medical care for a specific musculoskeletal location and yet not have the time or skills to perform a basic physical exam of the […]

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