Scar Tissue after Coccygectomy (Tailbone Removal Surgery)

  • Essentially all surgery results in some scar tissue at the surgical site.
  • Not all scar tissue needs to be treated. If the scar tissue is not causing any symptoms or problems, sometimes it’s best to just ignore it.
  • However, scar tissue can sometimes be painful or cause irritation of nerves, muscles, and tendons in the area.
  • Also, scar tissue may restrict movement of muscles, tendons, ligaments, or joints. In the pelvis, this may cause problems throughout the pelvic floor.
  • Massaging the area of scar can help to loosen up any fibrotic tissues that are getting stuck and clump together.
  • However, this can be painful. So it’s important to work closely with your treating physician to obtain good relief of pain since this may help you to tolerate working on the scar tissue.
  • External approaches include massaging the scar tissue from OUTSIDE the skin.
  • Internal approaches include massaging the scar tissue from inside. This typically would involve wearing a medical glove and placing one or two fingers inside the rectum.
  • It can be extremely valuable to find a physical therapist with specific training and expertise in treating problems of the pelvic floor.
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