Coccyx PSEUDO-SPUR: Tailbone Extension Causing Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain, Coccydynia

There are many causes of coccyx pain (tailbone pain, coccydynia). This article will focus on coccyx pain being caused by the lower coccyx being in extension, which is called a pseudo-spur.


Normally, the coccyx position has a mild, gradual forward flexion. This means that the coccyx is flexed forward. […]

Reasons Why Doctors can NOT just “Shave Down” a Coccyx Bone Spur

What is a bone spur? A bone spur is thickening of the bone. Just like you can get a callous on your hands or feet from thickening of the skin, you can also get thickening of bone in certain places in your body. When the bony thickening is focal and makes a pointy projection, […]

MRI showing Inflammation around a Distal Coccyx Bone Spur, on T2 and STIR images, in Tailbone Pain

“STIR” images and “T2” images on MRI are essentially like filter settings where fluid shows up bright. Some amount of fluid is normal, since many of our body tissues contain significant fluid content (for example, our fat cells [adipose] have significant fluid content). Also, we of course have the fluid we call urine within […]

Tailbone Book, Chapter 9: Tailbone Bone Spur Causing Coccyx Pain

Tailbone Book, Chapter 9: Coccyx Bone Spur (Tailbone Spicule) Causing Coccyx Pain This is the next in a series of coccyx pain videos, giving you highlights from the chapters of Dr. Foye’s book, “Tailbone Pain Relief Now!” The actual VIDEO is at the bottom of this page. Here is the TEXT from the video: Hi. […]

Coccyx Bone Spurs, Plantar Heel Spurs, Shoulder Bone Spurs

What are bone spurs and how do they cause coccyx pain (tailbone pain, coccydynia), foot pain, or shoulder pain? Bone spurs: What Are They? A bone spur is an area where there is thickening of the bone. It is made of bone. It is bone. Just like your skin can become thickened skin and form […]

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