Coccygectomy: Expected Recovery and Return to Work after surgery for coccyx pain, tailbone pain.

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Let’s talk about what to expect for recovery after coccyx removal surgery which is called coccygectomy.

I’m Dr. Foye, the director of the Coccyx Pain Center or Tailbone Pain Center here in the United States at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School […]

Reasons Why Doctors can NOT just “Shave Down” a Coccyx Bone Spur

What is a bone spur? A bone spur is thickening of the bone. Just like you can get a callous on your hands or feet from thickening of the skin, you can also get thickening of bone in certain places in your body. When the bony thickening is focal and makes a pointy projection, […]

Pregnancy After Coccygectomy: Vaginal Delivery Versus Cesarean Section

I was recently contacted by a  woman who had undergone a  coccygectomy (which is surgical amputation/removal of the coccyx/tailbone). Her question was whether, after having undergone coccygectomy, it would or would not be advisable for her to undergo a cesarean section rather than a vaginal delivery for any subsequent pregnancy. Perhaps you, the reader, […]

Can you FUSE the Coccyx to Treat Tailbone Pain, Coccydynia?

In other parts of the body, immobilization and fusion are done after fractures/dislocations/instability/etc. Meanwhile, at the coccyx, these options are very, very limited.

We can’t put the coccyx into a cast or sling or brace they we could for an injured wrist/ankle/etc.

Also, the small fragile bones of the coccyx are not […]

Should Coccygectomy be done for a Tailgut Cyst (Retrorectal Hamartoma)?

Many patients come to see me for coccydynia (coccyx pain, tailbone pain).

Occasionally we discover that their pain seems to be coming from a mass, tumor, abscess, or similar problem. (We see these types of things in ~ less than 5% of our patients with coccyx pain.)

One such mass is called a Tailgut Cyst […]

Fluid Collection After Coccygectomy, Fluid after Coccyx - Tailbone Removal

Coccygectomy is the surgical amputation, or removal, of the coccyx (removal of the tailbone). After a coccygectomy, it is relatively common to develop a fluid collection at the surgical site. I spoke with a group of European coccygectomy surgeons about this topic when I lectured at the International Coccyx Pain Symposium in 2016 and […]

Infection Rates after Coccygectomy, per Published Medical Research

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Foye’s book, Tailbone Pain Relief Now!

Chapter 25: Coccygectomy: Surgical Removal of the Tailbone. Page 197:

“Published research by Dr. Wood (at Harvard Medical School) documented that after coccygectomy as high as 35 percent of patients have postoperative complications including wound problems (infection or persistent drainage). Meanwhile, Dr. […]

Periosteum of the Coccyx: Tailbone Periosteal Layer and Coccygectomy.

Periosteum of the Coccyx: Tailbone Periosteal Layer and Coccygectomy.

Recently I have received a lot of questions about the periosteum and whether the periosteum should be left in place when ppatient undergoes a coccygectomy (surgery to amputate or removed the coccyx, or tailbone).

What is the periosteum? The periosteum is a very thin layer of […]

How Soon After a Coccygectomy Can You Have a Steroid Injection?

Someone recently asked me:

How Soon After a Coccygectomy can you have a Steroid Injection? The answer is: “it depends.” Most patients tolerate corticosteroid (steroid) injections very well. These injections can be very helpful for a wide variety of painful musculoskeletal conditions. But it is important to recognize that there are some people who are […]

Does local anesthetic relief predict response to coccygectomy?

I’d like to clarify… absolutely I do say that it is important to notice how much relief there is during the 1st hour or so after a local anesthetic injection. If a local anesthetic injection at the coccyx is done under image guidance (such as fluoroscopy, thus confirming accurate/appropriate placement of the injection) and […]

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