Tarlov Cyst Surgery May Relieve Coccyx Pain

Below is one research publication from Japan reporting on 9 patients.

They found that surgical treatment of Tarlov cysts may help relieve coccyx pain in some of the patients who had Tarlov cyst surgery.

Here is the link to the article at the Journal’s website: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S187887501933195X?via%3Dihub

Below is the abstract: (Presented here as part of […]

How to Distinguish between Sacral Tarlov Cyst Pain and Tailbone Pain

A few months ago I wrote about “Do Tarlov Cysts cause Pain?”

Today’s question is:

How to Distinguish between Sacral Tarlov Cyst Pain and Tailbone Pain

Usually it is not difficult to tell these conditions apart. Here’s how:

Location: The location of a sacral Tarlov Cyst is more than a few inches ABOVE the location of […]

Do Tarlov Cysts cause Pain?

What is a sacral Tarlov cyst? A cyst is basically a bag of fluid. A cyst is like a water balloon. Sometimes at the sacral spine (the large bone at the back of the pelvis) there is a fluid collection known as a sacral Tarlov cyst. I explain sacral Tarlov cysts by comparing the sacral spinal […]

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