For N.J. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists, Dr. Foye Gave a Lecture on Tailbone Pain (Coccyx Pain)

On 9-24-16, Patrick Foye, M.D., Director of the Tailbone Pain Center ( gave a lecture to the APTANJ (American Physical Therapy Association of New Jersey) Women’s Health Special Interest Group (SIG) Meeting.

The lecture topic was “Coccyx pain: Overview for Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists.”

Approximately 20 pelvic floor physical therapists attended the 2-hour talk.

Sciatica Pain Down the Leg in People with Tailbone Pain

Sometimes people with tailbone pain (coccyx pain, coccydynia) will ALSO have nerve pain that shoots down one or both legs.

Nerve pain shooting down into the legs is sometimes called “sciatica.”

About the sciatic nerve The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve that travels down into the leg. It starts in the lower back and […]

Pain that is NOT from the Tailbone (Coccyx)

How do you know if your pain is coming from something OTHER than the tailbone (coccyx)?

Or, if you do have tailbone pain (coccyx pain), how do you know if you ALSO have pain coming from other causes?

In general, each person needs to work closely with their treating physicians to try to determine where […]

Can a Lumbar Disc cause Tailbone Pain?

If an MRI shows that there is a lumbar disc herniation, could this be the cause of your tailbone pain?

Usually not.

Lumbar disc “abnormalities” “Abnormalities” in the lumbar discs are very very commonly seen on MRI studies. Sometimes these abnormal-looking discs may cause symptoms such as low back pain or nerve pain that travels […]

Do Tarlov Cysts cause Pain?

What is a sacral Tarlov cyst? A cyst is basically a bag of fluid. A cyst is like a water balloon. Sometimes at the sacral spine (the large bone at the back of the pelvis) there is a fluid collection known as a sacral Tarlov cyst. I explain sacral Tarlov cysts by comparing the sacral spinal […]

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