Tailbone Pain while sitting on COUCHES. Coccyx Pain when you Sit on a COUCH or Sofa

Sitting on a COUCHES can cause or worsen coccyx pain (tailbone pain, coccydynia). For many people with tailbone pain, sitting on a hard chair may be more comfortable than sitting on a soft COUCH or sofa.

Hundreds of patients with tailbone pain have told me how much they hate sitting on couches. Below, […]

Facebook Live for Tailbone Pain Awareness Day, November 15, 2021

Get live answers to your questions about coccyx pain. In honor of “Tailbone Pain Awareness Day” 2021. When: Monday, Nov. 15, 2021, at 7:00 PM, eastern time. Questions answered by Patrick Foye, M.D., Director of the Tailbone Pain Center, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. To Join: On Facebook, go to Tailbone Pain Center. Link: […]

Free Book on Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain, Coccydynia

This eBook on Tailbone Pain is Free on Amazon worldwide a few times per year.

“Tailbone Pain Relief Now! Causes and Treatments for Your Sore or Injured Coccyx” by Patrick M. Foye, M.D., Director of the Coccyx Pain Center at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.

Learn all about how to find answers and […]

Ass Armor Shorts for Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain, Coccydynia

I have thousands of patients with coccyx pain (tailbone pain, coccydynia). Some of them had their tailbone pain caused by, or worsened by, activities such as snow-boarding, skate-boarding, skiing, etc.

Some people with tailbone pain want to continue doing activities like snowboarding, skateboarding, etc.

Some of them tell me that they like […]

Reasons Why Doctors can NOT just “Shave Down” a Coccyx Bone Spur

What is a bone spur? A bone spur is thickening of the bone. Just like you can get a callous on your hands or feet from thickening of the skin, you can also get thickening of bone in certain places in your body. When the bony thickening is focal and makes a pointy projection, […]

Long COVID is now called PASC... a ridiculous name change

“Long COVID” is now called PASC. PASC is the acronym for post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC). This is a ridiculous name change.

Long COVID is sometimes referred to as “Long Haul COVID”. Either way, whether it is “Long COVID” or “Long Haul COVID”, the term is easy for people to learn, pronounce, and understand. Long […]

Tailbone Pain Center is OPEN for Telemedicine visits and In-Person Care for Coccyx Pain

The Tailbone Pain Center is OPEN for both Telemedicine visits and In-Person Care for coccyx pain.

During the coronavirus pandemic, we remain dedicated to helping provide answers and relief for people suffering with tailbone pain.

Prior to in-person evaluation and treatment, you will first receive a convenient Telemedicine visit with Dr. Foye so that he […]

Honoring James Oleske, MD, Pioneer in the Care of Pediatric AIDS

This evening it was a pleasure to join with others at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in honoring James Oleske, MD, as he leaves @Rutgers_NJMS after 43 years.

He was the first US physician to diagnose #AIDS in children, in the early 1980’s.

Pediatric Infectious Disease specialist.

Well known as a wonderful doctor, a great […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Thanksgiving. Hoping yours is happy and healthy. – Dr. Foye.


Alternative link to the video: https://youtu.be/In8AZCo5d0Q


Tailbone Pain Awareness Day: November 15

“Tailbone Pain Awareness Day” is November 15 Goals of Tailbone Pain Awareness Day: The goal of Tailbone Pain Awareness Day is to draw attention to tailbone pain (also called coccyx pain), and to offer educational materials, support, understanding, and compassion for people suffering from tailbone pain. Goals also include providing useful educational materials for people […]

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