Pain and Pelvic Floor Prolapse after Coccygectomy (Tailbone Removal)

Coccygectomy is surgical removal of the tailbone (essentially amputating the tailbone).

There are not great long-term studies about long-term complications of having the tailbone removed.

The short-term risks include infection at the surgical site, especially in the first few weeks or months after the surgery.

Infection: In some studies up to 20% of patients need […]

Tailbone (Coccyx) MRI: Viewing Your Own Computer CD

If you had an MRI done for your tailbone pain (coccyx pain, coccydynia) you should try to get a copy of the computer CD containing your MRI images.

Ideally you should review the actual images with your treating physician (typically the physician who ordered the MRI). It’s a very bad sign about your treating/ordering physician […]

Bone scans often FAIL to show tailbone cancer or coccyx injury

A “bone scan” is a test performed by the nuclear medicine part of a radiology center.

The nuclear medicine bone scan is generally considered to be very good for detecting bone destruction from things like bone cancer (malignancy), bone infection (osteomyelitis), or bone injuries (such as fractures).

If the bone scan is truly being done […]

Motocross Riding Career Ended due to Tailbone Pain (Coccyx Pain)

In the news…

Ryan Villopoto recently retired from his motocross (motorcycle racing) career due to an April 2015 crash in Italy that reportedly caused multiple tailbone fractures (broken bones of the coccyx) and low back injuries of the lumbar spine.

Villopoto is only 26 years old, but was already an accomplished motorcycle racer, including six-time […]

Tailbone pain: Cancer and Infection

In the news…

A United States military veteran with tailbone pain (also called coccyx pain, or coccydynia) turned out to have cancer and infection (a pus-filled abscess) in the tailbone region.

This shows the importance of proper medical care and thorough medical work-up.

Here is the news article and video:

(FYI: he’s not […]

Tailbone Removal (Coccygectomy): Drains, Antibiotics

Surgical removal of the tailbone (coccyx) is medically known as coccygectomy.

In the United States the coccygectomy surgery would often be considered an outpatient surgery, meaning that you have the surgery in the morning and go home by that evening. But that may vary depending on how someone is doing in the recovery area after […]

Tailbone pain and childbirth, labor and delivery

I have treated many women whose tailbone pain began during pregnancy or while giving birth (during labor and delivery).

Some of these women ask me what they should do if they are considering another pregnancy.

I sometimes advise those patients to speak with their obstetricians/gynecologists regarding considering C-section for their next pregnancy. A cesarean section […]

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