Fluid Collection After Coccygectomy, Fluid after Coccyx - Tailbone Removal

Coccygectomy is the surgical amputation, or removal, of the coccyx (removal of the tailbone). After a coccygectomy, it is relatively common to develop a fluid collection at the surgical site. I spoke with a group of European coccygectomy surgeons about this topic when I lectured at the International Coccyx Pain Symposium in 2016 and […]

Infection Rates after Coccygectomy, per Published Medical Research

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Foye’s book, Tailbone Pain Relief Now!

Chapter 25: Coccygectomy: Surgical Removal of the Tailbone. Page 197:

“Published research by Dr. Wood (at Harvard Medical School) documented that after coccygectomy as high as 35 percent of patients have postoperative complications including wound problems (infection or persistent drainage). Meanwhile, Dr. […]

Tailbone Pott's Disease: Coccyx Tuberculosis

What is Pott’s disease, or Pott disease? Pott’s disease is a condition where tuberculosis infection occurs within the spinal vertebral bones. “Pott’s disease” is also called “Pott disease.” Tuberculosis is commonly called “TB.” Tuberculosis infection usually involves the lungs. Pott’s disease is different because the infection is within the vertebral bones of the spine. Which […]

Tailbone wounds that will not heal

When there is skin breakdown of ulceration of the skin over the coccyx, it is worth looking for a cause. Sometimes people develop a bed-sore of the skin behind the sacrum and coccyx after spending too much time laying in bed. (The medical term for a bedsore is a “decubitus ulcer”.) Usually, a bedsore […]

Bone scans often FAIL to show tailbone cancer or coccyx injury

A “bone scan” is a test performed by the nuclear medicine part of a radiology center.

A “Nuclear Medicine Bone Scan” is generally considered to be very good for detecting bone destruction from things like bone cancer (malignancy), bone infection (osteomyelitis), or bone injuries (such as fractures).

If the bone scan is truly being done […]

Tailbone pain: Cancer and Infection

In the news…

A United States military veteran with tailbone pain (also called coccyx pain, or coccydynia) turned out to have cancer and infection (a pus-filled abscess) in the tailbone region.

This shows the importance of proper medical care and thorough medical work-up.

Here is the news article and video: http://wlfi.com/2015/07/15/news-18-special-report-va-investigating-wl-doctor-after-veterans-complaint/

(FYI: he’s not […]

Tailbone Removal (Coccygectomy): Drains, Antibiotics

Surgical removal of the tailbone (coccyx) is medically known as coccygectomy.

In the United States the coccygectomy surgery would often be considered an outpatient surgery, meaning that you have the surgery in the morning and go home by that evening. But that may vary depending on how someone is doing in the recovery area after […]

Bone infection after tailbone removal surgery (coccygectomy)

One complication of surgical tailbone removal (coccygectomy) is that infection may occur at the surgical site.

Part of the reason for the relatively high likelihood of infection at this surgical site (compared with others) is that the coccygectomy site is so close to the anus.

Superficial infections can happen at the skin, which is called […]

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